The Project

Large its value and to attract business partners for joint ventures. And also, for funding. Preparation and effective use of the business plan is thus of paramount importance, this plan can be developed by managers, supervisors, company, group or consulting firms organization. To determine the strategy of large firms account for a detailed business plan. Often, even at the stage of its preparation identifies potential partners and investors. With regard to the temporal aspect business planning, most companies make plans for the year. They discussed in detail various aspects of the company during this period and briefly characterized further.

Some firms are Plans for up to 5 years and only large companies firmly on their feet, is planned for a period of five years'. There are two basic approaches to developing a business plan. The first is that the business plan is hired group of specialists, and project proponents involved in it through the preparation of input data. Another approach – when the project proponents themselves are developing a business plan and guidelines prepared by specialists in particular, the potential investors. For the Russian practice of the latter approach is most appropriate. The project's initiators are usually specialists in industrial matters, but tend to be rather poorly versed the intricacies of financial support for the project and product marketing.

These issues are developing salaried professionals. The business plan is assessed as a promising situation within the firm and outside it. It is especially necessary leadership for orientation in terms of share ownership, as it was with a business plan for company executives make decisions about the accumulation of profits and the distribution of its parts in the form of dividends to shareholders.