The Solitude

Because being mimada, having been superprotected always, it is very difficult to start to walk with the proper legs. I do not have doubts of this. As he is difficult to be responsible, and only responsible, for our proper happiness. The people if of the account of that, are more easy to be children, to have somebody to decide for us everything, it stops in showing always the way to them to follow. Same growing, many parents half continue in super-protecting escondidinho.

People dissimulate that she grew and that takes decisions, but know that ‘ ‘ colinho’ ‘ she is always for people to run there. is what we make, speaks, speaks and speaks as if we fossemos owners of our life, but to any signal of danger we run for house and we ask for protection. Exactly that this is if to hide in the room or to go to visit that aunt velhinha that admires you and finds you very a super woman alone because you work outside and know to direct. This calms our heart, but it finishes not deciding our problem. Because exactly with calorzinho of the superprotection, still thus, we do not obtain to be happy. the worse one of everything is that we go in giving the account that the time is passing. for we women, this have a heavy connotation. This means that children and family are being stop backwards, that we are predestinold the solitude and the misfortune.

at this moment starts our race for making friends and finding the prince magic, who in histories that people always heard, it came to save the princess, then the deep a people he believes this. E, wanting many friends and boyfriend, people starts to accept any one. It starts to take advantage the amount in detriment of the quality. Because if in this height of the championship people to pass if to worry about quality, are there that we will not have same time.