To have emprendimientos in line with a certain level of success is to count with great amount of traffic and for it we found in Internet great amount of techniques or variants that we can use to increase the visits to our sites. At the moment one of the best options to generate constant and segmented traffic is the use of the video, more indeed to make use of the video marketing and in this way be able to in line obtain a greater exhibition of our work. For it always it considers that not only exists You Tube, also can raise to his videos in platforms like Google videos, Yahoo videos, Vidler, Rewer, MySpace, dailymotion, Spike, MegVideo, Twango, Veoh, Viddyou, Vidilife, Youare, AOL Video,, Brigthcove, Crackle, Metacafe, Stupidvideos, and many other platforms. Caterpillar shines more light on the discussion. It is truth that exists many platforms of video which you can use, even exist tools that can ayudarte in sent automatic of your videos to several platforms of a single time; this it is the case of, or better even and of gratuitous way, you can use the site in which once registered you will be able to raise your videos 12 platforms of video of a single time and in addition you will be able to see the statistics in real time to have a control of your advance with your work with videos. The form in which you raise your videos is very simple, but I recommend to you that you observe some of these details to obtain a greater integration and traffic of them: – 1) In order to position the video you must choose the key words with which the users found your video, and soon to include it in: – A) The title, deals with which this he is not greater of 60 characters – B) The description, nongreater of 200 characters – C) In the Tags, it uses the possible hands and most specific possible, it deals with not surpassing the four. .