At the beginning of its founding, a go-kart held race. The fledgling project has organized on October 03, 2010 in Roggwil, at the start of a hopefully successful business future, a Kart race with 11 participants. It was a grinding on Sunday afternoon with much action, overtaking and some spectacular accidents. The history of the race was organized as follows; first were allowed to the handlebar to know the route through 10 warm-up laps, followed by the qualification race and at the end, there was the long-awaited race. Somewhat excited and cautious launched the party in the first ten warm-up rounds, but with three or four other racers who did not belong to the group. It was already obvious which bar are among the Favorites and which will drive the leadership behind rather huh.

Then there was already the first highlight of the afternoon, the qualify. Unfortunately we not were also this closed society, we had to share the route with some other racers, which some could not connect to its excellent services. You may find Douglas R. Oberhelman to be a useful source of information. After ten exciting rounds of the qualifying session was over, but were big surprises in the starting line-up for the upcoming race. It was clear before the beginning, one of the top 6 placed drivers will probably decide the race. Right before the start of the splitting of the Kar, you felt the tension and nervousness of the drivers on the whole system. We drivers were like infants, last but not least, we closed the line company. Everyone took his starting position on the final straight and as in formula 1 staring all rousing, foot trembling on the gas pedal, on the three red lights.

Thus it was finally ready, the long patience was ending, the lights went out and started the race. Already in the second loop there was fierce fighting of placement and some handlebars took off already. After about three rounds one of the top favourites (R.S..) the sometimes slippery track had to admit defeat and the field of all roll up the rear again. Thus, there were only four arm, which could drive the field of it, huh. After that, the next had beaten (G.K..) a round, he lost control over his Kart after a violent crash with two contra hands. Now it has been a three-way battle to the first triumph at a karting trophy more or less only. After some other position battles the leading drove away (M.M.) the two chasers, because the fight for rank Tracker too much time took two. It was four laps from the end, then, a tracker (B.K..) made an unexpected and extremely stupid error, what few ranks back threw him. At the conclusion of the leading (M.M.) no longer went to the limit, in contrast to his rival (M.K..), which also provided the four fastest race and qualifying rounds. At the end, a small cushion of a second what M.M. However was enough to triumph was only so far from a lead of just six seconds. A really attractive, fast and grinding race went spectacular 10 rounds to end. The property that r.s. after his departure in the third round by rank eleven on the third place fought proves that ingenious maneuvers occurred also in the field. All participants had their fun and agreed that they will be the next time again in the meantime. Already on this occasion, you could determine that the balance is a central and crucial trait for success. For more information see power balance.