Uli Thiel

Direct customer loyalty and at the rack holding running over the wall, but then so is Uli Thiel. The experienced Web designer has helped several companies a good facebook presence. Facebook offers equal conditions for all competitors. This small entrepreneurs can compete with a clever idea on par with large corporations. These are possibilities that we have dared to dream often only”as the designer. This work requires a continuous care of the company’s own sites. More information is housed here: Jonas Samuelson. Small and medium-sized enterprises cannot rely on their name. An interesting concept that stands behind the page is important.

An example would be a dentist from Rhineland-Palatinate with 65 employees, which dentistry operates the page here. The team gives advice for optimal dental hygiene, tips for parents, their children, the first time you come to the dentist or patient advice on here regularly optimum additional insurance for dental prostheses. The concept goes on and within a very short time this practice achieved a large part of their clients as fans and received many positive posts from satisfied patients and public praise for their facebook presence. On a rather difficult subject how unpleasant going to the dentist a considerable success. The practice but completely dispenses with application of its own products.

Recommendations are reserved for the patients. Focus the content of their editorial plan always to the maximum benefit, can pull their fans from the page. Simple application ala, we have the best product, because…”are outdated and are not perceived by the fans.” said Barbara Simmeth, facebook experienced editor. In the best case, their fans take over the direct application of the product. Just attract their customers and ask them to leave you a comment or a review on your facebook page. Recommendations are the best marketing and the greatest potential of facebook! “.” So if you want to be successful as small business or mid-sized company on facebook, you should be aware of a few rules: Let not the numbers of large corporations in the wind Chase himself and define itself goals and success metrics for your facebook page. (e.g. I want that much of my existing clients with me as a fan is listed.” Or I want to win above all new customers and by exciting contributions urge them to buy from me!”) Elaborate a clear content concept with a fixed monthly editorial calendar, always the direct benefit of the fans should target”being the direct application of your company should be always secondary. “If you are working with an agency: you will jointly develop an exit strategy”. This is an emergency plan with possible scenarios that can happen if negative or even harmful to company posts on your wall. So, your service provider can respond faster and possible To avoid damage. Actively tackle your customers and ask them to make a recommendation or a review on your facebook page. Record your facebook presence in all your business documents and consider them as a solid presence in the Internet equivalent to your website. Inform facebook about the platform and consult in doubt experts. Always keep in mind: the Internet never forgets! “, i.e. uncontrolled snap shots can retaliate later.