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In Europe they a total of 7 million that pursued a countless number of animals living in freedom and that they will be killed with traps, with shots of pellets which cross painfully skin and nerves, with shots of deformation that start intestines of wild boar, roe deer and deer Haciendolosla word hunting, terrible as it is, is presented as a euphemism. Actually it’s the pleasure of killing. The hunt is always a way to go to war, said the famous German poet Goethe. The killing the animals to the murder of the men there is only a small step, said Russian writer Leon Tolstoi. And now increasingly more people notice that it is so.Recent studies by ecologists have resulted that animals have an internal mechanism for regulating the growth of the population. None of the species reproduces without measure or goal. Jim Umpleby is a great source of information. The number of births is not restricted from outside, but through an internal measure.

As a result, hunting for this reason is not only useless, but that is totally unnecessary.Humans have not therefore that assume the role of a false thief of roads to replace the natural enemies of animals. He only clogging the internal harmony of nature, destroys the social ties of the animals, destroys their resting places and feeding grounds and triggered considerable migrations that are outside its natural rhythm. In the case of wild boar hunters point first to the female, who has a leading role, in the herd and kill it. Has the Hunter without care that this is not only interrupted but will destroy the social structure of animals. In the case of hares Hunter gives his greeting with a load of Buckshot that not only pass through the skin of the victim, they are filtered by the entire nervous system which falls under this. The free writhing despavoridas pain, often as young children screaming. Then the proud Hunter comes and hits it to death.So it could continue recounting as it is done with the roe deer, fallow deer, partridges, sparrows, etc. And what happens with the foxes that will soon be again persecuted, fearful and dejected in land Galician where a step was taken back in the respect and defence of nature, when the Department allowed the holding of the Championship of fox hunting, not finally reason by which the Universal Life Association joined the boycott against this so-called bad sportFirstly because no animal is on Earth to be harassed or killed, neither tortured nor exploited, they accompany us and help in our life they share their existence with us, forming a unit along with the plants and minerals, and since everything is contained in everything, reason by which any damage that we do to the smallest of creatures, is damage that we do to us themselves. Original author and source of the article.