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What remains unnoticed or ignored, may have further consequences. Insomnia, feeling to feel uncomfortable and insecure fears that can convert itself into panic attacks, raise or blockages that can solidify, if nothing is done. Just in the professional life, those affected are only notice if memory disorders, decreasing performance and concentration difficulties occur. Do the stress test! On the Internet, you will find numerous stress tests that show whether or not it is itself affected. Basically, you need to ask some questions and answer them honestly.

Do you have time for yourself? Can you just turn off after work? To avoid certain situations, because they make you afraid? Sleep well? Take sleeping pills or means to improve performance? Answer these few questions, then quickly determine whether you are in balance or not. The actual Cause that triggers stress, can and should be found with professional help. It is advised to apply as soon as symptoms of stress appear to psychologists. Another way to cope better with the stress to, is coaching. Many coaches have specialized problems that cause stress to detect and fix this already. Stress coping and stress management are proven tools of coaching experts who are used to visualize blockages and problems together with the Coachee. Stress management with coaching the coaching to reduce stress methods that help are very wide ranging.

Basically, the coach helps things from another point of view to consider. Often stressed-out managers and executives see things only from the own perspective and it is difficult to change these to find new approaches or to identify problems. The Scheu damper effect, which occurs due to a lot of work and time pressure, inhibits the analysis process in certain situations. Coaching methods to the A coach has a pool of tools right there used, where the Coachee to help themselves no longer knows itself coping with stress. But, the stress is not solved in a single session with the coach. It is a process that results in lasting important factors that cause stress to cope with. Also a short time coaching method can help fears and blocks that are aware of the Coachee, speech anxiety, presentation anxiety or fear of flying. Wingwave coaching is a short term coaching method that helps to resolve blockages and fears to overcome are the natural processes that ensure that stress is reduced, resolve blockages and fears overcome, will be readjusted. Thanks to the wingwave method, factors that cause stress, many people could create in just a few sessions from the world. The wingwave coaching concept should be applied only by coaches who have a certified coaching education in wingwave. More To information on the topic of wingwave coaching, on the homepage of the Academy of the CTC. About the CTC Academy: The CTC Academy offers a thorough education for the certified business coach, business coach and wingwave coach and seminars for executives in Vienna. Experienced specialists pass in the diploma program, the seminars and training prospective and already practicing business coaches, their expertise business coaches and managers, use only proven and practical methods and support professionally and sustainably. Contact: CTC Academy Coaching – training – consulting INH.: Corinna l Rudolfplatz 5/15 1010 Vienna Austria +43(0)1-276 2552