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Statista.org 2008, typology of wishes; Trend study of healthy living/health-styles, quoted n. German Wellness Association e.V. 14.11.08; Luxury”, the magazine of the perfumery. Winter 2008; Marplan, outfit 6 study, quoted n. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase says on the issue. Statista.org 2008; Focus online anti aging cosmetics. Wrinkle killer work indeed. “, 29.05.08 traditional advertising and direct marketing: Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A., freelance copywriter and advertising copywriter, marketing consultant (SGD)-Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/8280473 fax: 01805/233633-80473 (0,14 EUR / min. via Call-Manager.de) E-Mail: Internet: Word head copywriter studied at the University of Mannheim political science and German Philology with a focus on linguistics and” medieval literature.

The empirical thesis as Magister Artium (M.A..) was published in the German language. Until 1998 Word head as a customer consultant worked for private viewing and proofreader in a publishing house before he worked as a copywriter, conception and senior copywriter in traditional advertising or direct marketing. Notable clients included everyday agency as a successful copywriter. Freelance Word head convinces as a copywriter and marketing consultant (SGD) since 2008. Word head writes tempting advertisements for cosmetics, anti age products and Wellness: brochures, beauty-folder, beauty brochures, Beaute catalogues, lifestyle-flyer, wisely designed websites and website content, sexy newsletter mailings that seduce, dealers, beauty salons and beauty salons. More industries: wellness/health, leisure time, city marketing, tourism, furniture and design lamps, accessories/lifestyle. Reliable and efficient Lyricist activity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, always based on a careful telephone or written briefing.