Mercosur Parliament

Also, the Brazil and the Argentina have in its geography several toponyms in Guarani, for certain, jealously care (Japeju, birthplace of the Liberator San Martin, in the Argentina; and Itamaraty, headquarters of the Brazilian diplomacy). In addition, in all four countries there are important settlements of native Guarani communities, owners originating in the culture and language that today we are dealing with in this process of Americanist claim. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that on 13 December 2006, Guarani was recognized as one of the languages of Mercosur; According to Decision 31/06 of the Council of the common market. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that on 28 April 2009, the Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur) recognized the Guarani language as an official language of Mercosur. Today in all Mercosur it is estimated that there are ten million Guarani-speaking. 2 Of the origins and characteristics of the language GUARANi El Guarani language spoken many thousands of years before the arrival of foreigners to the American continent, as they witness the fossil remains, human and cultural discovery and certified in all Mercosur.

Specifically, and by way of example, the fossils found in the excavations of the Itaipu dam, in Paraguay; they have ten thousand years old. Guarani left deep footprints in South America, remained the same until today in various toponyms (names of countries and cities), poorly written and pronounced. Thus, in the current Mercosur: Paraguai (for-gua-y), Japeju (and-ape-ju), Uruguai (Urugua-y), Itamarati (Ita-mara-ty). Guarani always gave his name to places by the abundant presence of any natural element in them, using the suffixes (antique) ty to refer to plants (kurupa’y, aguai-ty and ty, are-Cesareo, ky yi-antique ka) and minerals (juky-ty, yvy-ty-rusu, ita-ty); and kua to indicate abundance of animals and people (jaguarete-kua, guasu-kua, tapira-kua-y, kamba-kua). Also, used the suffix and to nominate forestry varieties (karanda-, and handsome – and, kurupa’y – jata – and, juasy-, and) (amba – and), and aquatic areas the and to indicate rivers, streams or water courses with an abundance of certain fish or other species and aquatic varieties (pirape-, and jatyta – and akara – and javevyi – and).

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Organization and Culture

For this reason, it conditions the administration of the people. In other words, the organizacional culture represents the informal norms and not writings that guide the behavior of the members of an organization in day-by-day and that they direct its action for the reach of the organizacionais objectives. In the deep one, it is the culture that defines the mission and provokes the birth and the establishment of the objectives of the organization. The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization as planning, organization, direction and control so that if it can better know the organization. 2.2O that it is Culture Culture it is the used generic term to mean two meanings different. Of a side, the set of customs, civilization and accomplishments of a time or people, and, of another side, arts, erudio and too much manifestations more sophisticated of the intellect and sensitivity human being, considered collectively.

The organizacional culture nothing has to see with this. In the study of the organizations, the culture is equivalent to the way of life of the organization in all its aspects, as ideas, beliefs, customs, rules, techniques, etc. In this direction, all the human beings are endowed with culture, therefore they are part of some cultural system. In function of this, all person tends to see and to judge the other cultures from the point of view of its proper culture. From there the relativismo: the beliefs and behaviors alone can be understood in relation to its cultural context.

Each organization cultivates and keeps its proper culture. It is for this reason that some companies are known by some peculiarities proper. The culture represents the symbolic universe of the organization and provides to a referencial of standards of performance between the employees, influencing the pontualidade, the productivity and the concern with quality and service to the customer.


On the other hand to this vision in such a way negative one of the nature human being theory Y assumes that the people more are guided for the growth and the development, and not necessarily irresponsible nor of course resistant the organizacionais changes. (BOWDITCH; BUONO, 1992, p.40) 4.0 & ndash; Plan and Goals To establish goals is important to keep the stimulated group and to have always a control to observe the reached advance in accordance with the one that Mintzberg affirms: The intention of a plan is to specify one output desired & ndash; a standard & ndash; at some future moment. The intention of the control is to evaluate if the standard or was not reached. Thus the planning and the control follow together, as the saying of the horse and the wagon: not it can have control without planning, and the plans lose its influence without accompaniment controls. Together the plans and the controls regulate outputs e, indirectly the behavior.

(2003, p.89) An action plan can still have its problems directing the group and establishing goals it is essential to have a control, thus it will only be able in fact to see the necessity of changes or improvements. 4.0 & ndash; You reward The people see the necessity of reward to feel themselves motivated to exert an action. Recapitulating already we saw that in fact the motivation is very looked by the companies therefore is interesting and extremely useful to verify a way for which the employee if feels motivated. Diverse types exist of reward that they can come to be an excellent motivacional source, such as, good wage, plans of odontolgicos health, plans, commissions, or even though recognition for the executed work, personal and professional accomplishments, this in them takes the two types of rewards that they are divided in you reward intrinsic and rewards extrinsical.

Afghan Aratta

From these works it follows that the suppliers of processed lapis lazuli in Sumeria, were residents of Aratta. Location Aratta map of the ancient world is the subject of the most that either there is heated debate. Various hypotheses, and that's just one of the main pointers to solve this problem rasmatrivaetsya lapis lazuli. It is known that such high-quality lapis lazuli is possible to obtain only in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan in and because there was a hypothesis (author Sirianidi VI) according to which there is Aratta were located in the north of Afghanistan. This hypothesis is based on lines from the poem "and Enmerkar The High Priest of Aratta, "where literally reads -" .. lapis lazuli in his field for her the goddess Innin gather.

" However, for many reasons, this hypothesis is not confirmed. There are many other hypotheses, in mainly based on the idea of re-exports of lapis lazuli, but in this article, we do not consider it possible and necessary to enumerate them. The only thing that accurately follows from all this, it's categorical rejection of the hypothesis (!) According to which Aratta is located could somewhere in the territory of historical Armenia. Meanwhile, among other things, as we have yet to talk about this issue, the scientific world still have to pay attention to Armenia as a country where since ancient times has been greatly developed the production of lapis lazuli. If it were not so, it would have greatly surprised how ancient Greek scholars Theophrastus and Pliny called lapis lazuli, and they called it, none other than – "Armenian stone." This situation is only possible only if the Armenians have for many centuries before Theophrastus, long before the 4th century BC, have monopolized the processing and trade in lapis lazuli.


To undertake these getaways, rural traveler has an average of 69 per person per day, of which 60% of this amount goes to the rural accommodation. The key factor price. This segment has become the price in a key factor when hiring a rural accommodation. These rural travelers outputs to the peoples of the interior translates into cheap considered Getaways by 60%. Also sets a profile of a tourist who has become a vital financial injection in many small towns of Spain. Mostly with travelers looking in these places that not found in big cities. They escape from the bustle of the capital in search of tranquility, so that 53% of them considered it a very important factor when hiring rural accommodation to guarantee calm and privacy that fails to take into the cities are urbanites. Mostly they travel in pairs and it is also an alternative that gains adherents to exit in Group of friends.

50% Opts cottages complete, 32% in rural rooms houses and 18% prefer rural hotels. A curiosity of this report is the result of that 70% of rural tourists take advantage of weekend paa know corners in which raw gastronomy or the environment. 46% sale on bridges while in the summer and Easter this offering reduces its share of followers. As the favorite destinations for tourists prefer short trips, so dominates the rural tourism within each of their respective regions or communities. The most faithful to their communities are Andalusians and those who tend to leave with greater frequency are locals and Estremadura, who opt for Castile and Leon and Asturias, respectively.

In the case of Andalusia 73% of the Andalusians prefer to rural tourism in their region, while 8% opts for the lush landscapes of Asturias and 5% by Galicia. How we seek and reserve? The study reveals that the search method of the rural accommodation more used is the Internet, already employed 82% of travelers. Followed by recommendations from friends and family (43%) and guides de turismo rural (30%). That itself, at the time of formalising the booking, tourists are betting by phone to communicate directly with the owner. Here affects the fact that the majority of the establishments if they have presence on the Internet but are minority which does not have with tools that enable perform LAS reservations ON-LINE. A peculiar characteristic of this report reveals that you one of every five rural travelers booking at the last minute, in a segment that still has half of purchases of 25 days in advance. THE reserve last time wins adherents: one of every five rural travelers the reservation seven or fewer days in advance. This sector is still an important to conquer market share. This report indicates that 46% of respondents stated having is not hosted in a rural accommodation in the last year. As main causes: 27% points to personal economic issues, another 27% because you prefer another type of tourism and another 19% because it believes in the rural tourism is expensive and a 16% because we have an own holiday home in a rural environment.


Replica Hublot Watches

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Price Reduction Promotion

They are very sensitive to the promotion of price reduction, but client care, not are they loyalty thereby. Finally the trimmers (7%). They are rational customers, who buy less and not succumb to the whims. You may have already noticed its impact on sales. Do not fall asleep and attempt to retrieve them, work Council. So things MEDIFORMPLUS believes there is only a way to make Spanish pharmacists exceed the time of lean: it is conscientiously studying the clientele and decide changes based on the data. It must also incorporate creativity into your business. Here are the tips of Galan in the first place, forget about the strategy for times of crisis.

It does not exist. There is not a strategy. Secondly your starting situation is very clear: location, size, assortment, profile of your clientele, weaknesses, strengths, and threats and opportunities that come from the environment. From here it is time to think by segments. Third and consequence of above: forget coffee for all. Get a combination that makes each segment who visits you find attractive your pharmacy. Fourth and final: the discount is not the solution. This can damage your margin, and lose the opportunity that will provide those seeking something more. And if eventually the price is essential, adapted its assortment by incorporating new brands on MEDIFORMPLUS MEDIFORMPLUS is the company that most actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management).

Public Sector

Calvo also justified that the character of public company of Madrid Espacios y Congresos allowed him to rent the Pavilion to the organizer of the party, Diviertt, while this accumulated debts for 240,000 euros with Social Security. Of this form, the consistory eludiria express to not contract with delinquent ban that establishes the law of Public Sector contracts. However, the standards of MEyC include the requirement that firms be aware of payment of their tax obligations. In spring, it commissioned a report about the State which were enclosures which the Town Council ceded to companies. According to Ana Botella revealed last Thursday, this document threw security flaws at the Madrid Arena (which were corrected, he said, for the Halloween party), as well as in the Glass Pavilion of the country house and the Palace of congresses of the Campo de las Naciones. Bottle has decreed the closure of the first two, not the Madrid Arena.

Calvo inherited the responsibilities on the Madrid Arena in December last year. Bottle took possession of the Mayor’s Office after the resignation of Gallardon, appointed him to the portfolio that Miguel Angel Villanueva had occupied until then. Dates for declaring Pedro Calvo will need to clarify these and other aspects to the holder of the Court of instruction number 51 in Madrid, Judge Eduardo Lopez Palop. In principle, the judge was going to call him as a witness, but the request of the Prosecutor’s Office has made to pass to be accused, so it will declare accompanied by his lawyer. The Councillor shall appear at the opportune procedural moment, explained the TSJM.

On Tuesday 20 November at 10 a.m. hours will pass before the judge the first of those involved, businessman Miguel Angel Flores, Manager of the Diviertt company, organizer of the event. The next day, and at the same time do the legal representative appointed by the company’s staff of access Kontrol 34. Seguriber, responsible for security, will do it later. See more: Pedro Calvo resigns from Office after being charged in the case of the deaths of the Madrid Arena

Advantages Of Being An Entrepreneur

If you are you reading these lines mean that it appreciated the advantages that you will become an entrepreneur: will have secure employment. You will forget irritating processes of personnel selection, job insecurity, of contracts, for fear of losing their jobs. If you create a company with future always you will have secured work. It will be your own boss. It is you who take decisions. You will be pleased with what makes.

He will work on what you choose and the benefits it produces will be left in your pocket. To verify that your company generates wealth and employment, their level of self-esteem will grow. His professional and social life will be very active. As an entrepreneur, you must be very well informed and connected. He will attend fairs, will deal with a large number of people, and will maintain close contact with its customers. Your benefits will have no limit. You won’t never limited his level of earnings.

You will earn as much as he is capable of winning. The majority of large fortunes earned with work are fortunes of entrepreneurs. You can offer employment and inheritance to your family. You can offer to your family and friends more precious today day: a job. Your company may become, in addition, a legacy that will ensure the future of your family. Manage your time. The most precious to all, El Tiempo, manage your time to its accommodation and preference, share more time with his family. Do not let their children grow up guided by outsiders. As it becomes entrepreneur as professional. They may make money in the coming years, only if they first pay their college loans, if they are responsible within your business and if they change time money working overtime. As a manufacturer. Being a manufacturer is big business, only if you have millions to invest in infrastructure, patents, research, receipts and boarding.