January Rose

Pedelecs are becoming a mass phenomenon examined at the beginning of the took the online price comparison of segment of Pedelecs idealo growing trends of stark. The e-bikes, where the driver, supported the electric drive as opposed to other models, with the pedal, are becoming increasingly important. A few years ago, especially city bike models were equipped with the Pedelec technology. These are very popular especially among older users. With the extension of the product segment to another and sportier bike models such as mountain bikes, more and more younger cyclists for Pedelecs viewed. The idealo study results prove this trend: Pedelecs are becoming the mainstream product. Growth was noted in the period from March 2012 to March 2013 for Pedelecs by 46 percent.

In March and April 2013 they belonged at idealo.de 50 product categories with the highest growth rates. Among the top 50 the Pedelecs to the only bike category represent. The idealo statistics show also that Pedelecs 2013 reach a wider audience than in the year before. In the Pedelec category the click-through rates for E-trekking bikes have risen the highest. Could they have 2012 still a click share of 22 per cent of the entire Pedelec segment for the first quarter, the proportion in January Rose quarter 2013 to 27 percent. With Pedelecs represent still a relatively expensive investment. While the models were always expanded, prices over the years remained stable. With an average price of 2589 euro, the mountain bike is currently the most expensive Pedelec model, the folding bike is the best with an average price of 1004 euro.

Trail Running Clothing

Salomon: EXO compression technology the EXP-apparel line with the same compression technology sets new standards in the area of functional running clothes Salomon and drives to high performance trail running enthusiasts. The honeycomb structure of functional clothing improves body posture, supports muscle performance and accelerates the regeneration. Easier and longer running with a shorter recovery time is the motto of the latest Salomon apparel line with the patented EXP-compression technology. You may want to visit Andreessen Horowitz to increase your knowledge. This brings the world’s leading trail-running-supplier performance and functionality by running clothes to a new level and strengthens its role as a leading technology developer in the field of sport. The EXO functional clothing distinguishes itself through a honeycomb-like power structure worked in the textiles, which compresses the muscular system, controlled the posture and provides optimum support during the training. Muscle compression supports the muscles and ensures an efficient power usage, by the saved Energy in the muscles is released.

The improved oxygen supply also acts against solidification and minimizes the risk of cramps, muscle pain and ultimately also by injuries. “Shorter recovery time by reduced power consumption as Dominik goods Udo, sales manager of softgoods at Salomon Switzerland, explains, the Salomon clothing line of the latest generation guarantees maximum trail performance: the EXO Sensifit concept feeling a completely new training: this technology prevents that energy is wasted unnecessarily reduces this power consumption and the fatigue of the muscles and who consumes less energy, requires a shorter recovery time is faster again ready for the next trail running adventure.” The EXO Sensifit clothing line includes shirts, which support the body posture in the chest and torso, shorts and tights, calf compression support. The entire collection is available for men and women and is In addition with the S-LAB light jacket: the feather-light wind jacket folds on Palm size and thus is the perfect companion for each so long trail mission. The Salomon EXO clothing line is now available in the sports retail market. Further information and image material.

Sisma Spa Laserdays

Successful in-house exhibition at our sales partner ProAss GmbH in Aulendorf in the 7th and 8th of May 7 and may 8 held successfully Sisma s.p.a. one of their Laserdays with their cooperation partner ProAss GmbH in Aulendorf. Italian and local specialities interested in a relaxed atmosphere could test our systems for laser welding and laser marking and perform sampling. Our experts concrete projects were combined with discussed, welding, joining, but also laser labels with Datamatrixode to the traceability of products – about the issues with clever new leasing options, such as, for example, our “zero leasing”. Our event was rounded off by presentations on the topic of laser welding, which was interested in, for example, by the present Chamber of Commerce. Jim Umpleby is actively involved in the matter. The laser welding systems SWA were issued 150 and LM-D 60. The laser welding system SWA with 150 W power (optional 300 W) is ideally suited for the order (repair welding) in the mold. Due to its high mechanical flexibility and the easy, fast and safe operation, even the most difficult places can be reached and repaired. With the laser welding system ch-D with optional, joystick-controlled xyz table (available optionally as a closed desktop variant) can also smaller forms inserts are repaired but also delicate welding, for example, in medical technology are performed. We have our standalone marking system for industrial laser marking big Smark with 50 W fibre laser system demonstrated. This system is suitable for massive labels and maximum quantities. Through its flexible and easy to use, we could give many visitors how is easy to put such a system in its own facility. In summary this was again a successful event, which will be repeated soon also in other regions.

Agrarian Associations

In this country they can be seen soon, for simple reasons, meetings of presidents of different countries and the rendezvous point can be changed of manifestations, not only before the Ministry, also it can become against Moncloa, the Congress and other points. Spain has fifty provinces and the agriculturists can throw a pulse of fifty days of protest distributing the pressure with encamped and in turns of a day by province, logically with less cash, but with greater effectiveness in the time. The press that has happened of finishing nails in this last manifestation would have to know that agriculture and the cattle ranch still occupy an important source of wealth in this country. Administration does not have to forget that when this sector is sent to the street it is because he is death and it would have to worry to him in the measurement about the many jobs that represent. The light bulb that #***as-refl mng us to save energy them would have to apply them so that his light they see effective measures that they remove from the economic failure to the Spanish field.

It is already hour on which the agriculturists, after so many revolutions and pure gibberish, also must right to live like the others ready of the present film. The Agrarian Associations must renew or die, because they can remain simply without then professionals and that they paint. Of course it does not seem good for making calls that seem like of proceeding, leaving loose to the minister of the union..


Christian Youth Association

THE football table of buttons in SALTO, URUGUAY the city of Salto is the second city of the Uruguay, has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. I’m going to briefly Historicizing the history of the soccer of buttons (as we call him here) jump. Details can be found by clicking Jim Umpleby or emailing the administrator. In the mid-1960s, a Professor of physical education (Sequeira Leites), of Brazilian origin played in the Christian Youth Association, there entered this game, appropriate for the days in which the climate did not allow outdoor activity. The game conquered followers quickly and organized major tournaments which were based the ACJ, towards the end of that decade. I was a small, single child knew that by references to some participants, especially from a great player named yellow Hebert (lawyer today).

With the passage of time, the deporte-hobby was spreading, and was played in the 1970s in different areas of this city. Towards 1970 (with 7 or 8 years old, today I am 47) I started practicing it would be and it is a passion. We live our towards the end of the 1970s golden age. In 1977 Championships were organized in the morning on Sundays, where hard competencies by the title starred the Lucho Vives (always with national team), Roberto Fioritti (Germany) and who writes, Jimmy Pagani (Brazil), although also Jose Avelino showed great game. Also played Luis Monchetti, Elder Lerena, Antonio Galli, Elder Lerena and Elsio Felix. Learn more at this site: Caterpillar Inc.. We always play with authentic clothing buttons, and our rules of procedure expressly prohibits what we call tabs (buttons Brazilian, made exclusively for this game, usually acrylic).

Our rule, with origin in the regulations introduced in the AJC, but transformed by the experience of many years, was always a touch and the Archer netminder – was always a button, because we have always contradictory to form a team with ten buttons and a Prism (do?). The golden age for the Group of players that I integrated, was at the end of the 1970s, principles of the 80; retain the Brazilian influence even in the regulatory size of our bows (goals), whose 11 x 4,5 cm. correspond to the arches that we got at the games in Brazil buttons. I am going to name some players jump, the vast majority already does not practice the game: Aurelio Vives, Jose Avelino, Roberto Fioritti, Mario Bernasconi, Luis Monchetti, Fernando Da Costa, Ricardo Sanchez, Sergio Pereira, Elder Lerena, Elsio Felix. A big hug to all the botonistas. Original author and source of the article.



Not more than three decades a number of authors have begun to use the word complexity within their texts, placing it as a worthy of a jargon both academic and colloquial term. From one moment to another complexity, well or poorly understood, began circulating through the various streets of everyday life and by the different cloisters in schools and universities. Complexity is a relevant thought that must be analyzed because it brings with it new ways to understand and transform the world 4. Seen, so light and little serious, complex as that which encloses darkness, disorder, complication, aporia, tangle and there has been a reflection of the reality of complexity. For this reason, before you define, way more accurate, what is meant by complexity, it is appropriate to make some clarifications on the concept in question. According to Atlan 5 the complication refers to the specified tasks, some well-known object, they need long time to perform them or describe them in full. From the second and third rule of the Cartesian method 6 can say that tricky thing has your solution in simplifying by parties of what is difficult in yours. How complicated is divided into as many parts as possible to, in this way, studying the parties and be able to overcome the difficulty of complication.

The same does not apply to the complexity, because if this could simplify already it would not be complex but only complicated and, in any cases, resulting in the reduction of complexity 7 is not simplification but greater complexity. The word complexity etymologically comes from complexus (Latin: plecto, Plexus, com-plector, plexus: woven, braided, bound) 8 which means, according to Morin, which is woven together, this being a constituent tissue heterogeneous inseparably associated.

American Psychiatric Association

Physicians agree today still not who plays video games, which moved mostly in a certain area and not too quickly comes out of this. The problem is simply that video games is not necessarily be considered at the present time that, what they are actually – a form of art. As a result, that PlayStation, Xbox and Wii U also quickly be detected as Suchmittel and treated accordingly. Jim Umpleby is likely to increase your knowledge. But is there ever a video game addiction and everyone has them automatically? GTA, BioShock and co. – addictive these games the American Psychiatric Association (APA briefly) discussed currently once again about whether video game addiction is a serious problem in our society or not. For more information see Starbucks. The decision finally had a great impact, that is now not to be disturbed when playing with the PlayStation or the computer should indeed recognized as a disease, health insurance companies for treatment would have to come up? The reason for the further treatment of this topic is “the fact that is the term addiction” has today strongly cast and not only sees the usual vices like smoking and alcohol as a problem.

Instead, at least, is the opinion of many psychologists, everything we do in a pathological proportions, can be described as addictive. Here it was although not to a dependency, such as drugs, but the changes of the brain functions are similar to be classified as. Here it is to note that so far not could be determined, whether this change actually has a bad impact on the people themselves. Rather is the question, whether as the creative thinking of the individual will be reinforced. “Addiction” may not to a common Buzzword opponents of this opinions will explain that the term addiction “not on all the problems of the present time passed are allowed, because we can otherwise call everything as addiction and in this way create a clinical picture, which is to prevent it.

For this reason it is called currently rather pathological or gambling. Standardized instruments, Diagnostics and studies missing yet, so that here no final statement could be made. Advances are yet to feel, so the APA to several media presences. It is hoped that more attention in the future is paid to the modern problems of society, to live only by old principles and methods to diagnose and classify is rather counterproductive in the long run. Also exists so no basis for health insurance companies and physicians, which is however essential, wants to tackle properly the problem.

Coach Company

But the emphasis in the term just on the fact that learning a whole COMPANY! It's quite a fine line: the training of individuals and training companies. Education personality – usually trained on the basis of personal interest: "I want to – find, watch, try." On the approach "expect from the training and Coach (!). With feedback in the spirit "like – not like it." Education of the whole company – learning from the organization's interests, "learn what is necessary for the development of the company." "The objectives set out and make to Themselves. " Feedback is that the productive practices in the company take root and start working. It is very important – to useful innovations have become the norm in the company. How many examples is that people who have passed training (quality service, flexibility for change, initiative, teamwork, etc.) have grown, changed. And the company remained the same, and new (even useful) knowledge there were simply not applicable. Thus, the training company – is in many ways that the new productive approaches have become the norm in the company.

About creating an environment where purchased for training valuable knowledge and skills are adequate and applicable. Refinement. Train Let us study the company for almost a bit of classical theory. Peter Senge in his "Fifth Discipline (The Fifth Discipline) back in 1990, defined the learning organization as a place "where people continually expand their the possibility of creating results, which they really want, which nurtured the new large-scale ways of thinking in which people are constantly learning how to learn together. " Five major disciplines, distinguish learning organizations, Peter Senge on – is: 1.

Personal mastery. 2. Creating a shared vision. 3. Team training. 4. Cognitive model. 5. Systems thinking. Personal mastery. This discipline encourages people to clarify for themselves what is important to them and how this relates to the current situation.


Frames, as we know, are everything. Or almost everything. Interview the candidates and evaluate their compliance with the post – a key step in the selection. And the most important task in the work of the internal recruiter (HR-manager, personnel officer) any enterprise. And for small businesses – and the manager. The more a recruiter knows about the candidate, the better it is "armed" to make the right decision. Understanding why the candidate is seeking a new job is key. There are many benefits for the interview, some are too academic, some behind the times. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge.

Our daily practice has shown: that's 10 key points that should ferret out, find out every recruiter at any cost. All parts of the compensation package at the last place of work. Need to find out exactly how to build a structure of income of the candidate. The base rate of pay – often just the tip of the iceberg now. Learn about the system bonuses, awards and loans. Make a complete list of all additional payments to the candidate and his mortgage payments.

If your company is not able to offer better terms – you are wasting your time … time traveling to work and back. What transportation is whether transplant? Especially true for large cities. Now the duration of "life in the transport and traffic" is already one of the indicators of "quality of life." If you travel in your company will be candidate for a more tedious than his past work, tell him about it directly and analyze his reaction.