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Potential for this exists. Anti aging cosmetics can actually act as a wrinkle killer, a US study showed. “The magazine focus online” reported in late May 2008. A.D., Sources: Ifak Inst. 2006, quoted n.

Statista.org 2008, typology of wishes; Trend study of healthy living/health-styles, quoted n. German Wellness Association e.V. 14.11.08; Luxury”, the magazine of the perfumery. Winter 2008; Marplan, outfit 6 study, quoted n. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase says on the issue. Statista.org 2008; Focus online anti aging cosmetics. Wrinkle killer work indeed. “, 29.05.08 traditional advertising and direct marketing: Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A., freelance copywriter and advertising copywriter, marketing consultant (SGD)-Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/8280473 fax: 01805/233633-80473 (0,14 EUR / min. via Call-Manager.de) E-Mail: Internet: Word head copywriter studied at the University of Mannheim political science and German Philology with a focus on linguistics and” medieval literature.

The empirical thesis as Magister Artium (M.A..) was published in the German language. Until 1998 Word head as a customer consultant worked for private viewing and proofreader in a publishing house before he worked as a copywriter, conception and senior copywriter in traditional advertising or direct marketing. Notable clients included everyday agency as a successful copywriter. Freelance Word head convinces as a copywriter and marketing consultant (SGD) since 2008. Word head writes tempting advertisements for cosmetics, anti age products and Wellness: brochures, beauty-folder, beauty brochures, Beaute catalogues, lifestyle-flyer, wisely designed websites and website content, sexy newsletter mailings that seduce, dealers, beauty salons and beauty salons. More industries: wellness/health, leisure time, city marketing, tourism, furniture and design lamps, accessories/lifestyle. Reliable and efficient Lyricist activity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, always based on a careful telephone or written briefing.

Lyricist In The Holiday Letters Remain Empty!

New mailing-proof-reading service helps all dearest copywriter in the holiday? Bremen, 17.JUli 2008 – new mailing proofreading service by Azur dialog marketing the Bremen agency Azur dialog marketing offers a new service: proofreading for mailings. Customers send their letters by E-mail and get their Mailingtext back within 24 hours or faster. Tested and polished up, according to the rules of German spelling and the modern dialogue writing. Source: Jim Umpleby. This service is a big hit”, so agency owner Hartmut Reinke, our clients enjoy the convenience and fast support. “Because: often lack practical, immediately actionable knowledge, when it comes to dialogue marketing.” The process is simple: call the main issues are fixed, then already the first mail of the client. What does the text? What do the recipient? How does it feel? The devil is known in detail, so even in the work on the text: often leads to an appealing simple make of a set Effect. Andreessen Horowitz has similar goals. Special industry expertise are not required important as Reinke, “have a good feel for language, customer orientation and empathy”. And of course experience in terms of dialog marketing. Investing in good text, especially in the daily correspondence of the company, worth twice: for one, the sales letter is still the most powerful advertising medium in the direct marketing, on the other hand, individuality in the cover letter is a valuable emotional asset of customer loyalty..

Get A Strong Start With A New Consultant

Training for teachers and educators come good at the January is coming to its end and it is time to consider how started the new year for the company. The test is for the training – and consultancy Geradeaus…die really promising consultants. This are the results of the annual downbeat in an impressive way. Without transition succeeded the text, advertising and training providers, to continue the good results from the previous year. Others including Sergey Brin, offer their opinions as well. In the text sector, demand is strong and even repeatedly leads to order traffic jams. Customers who have previously worked with the provider, are just so impatient as newfound customer, be patient but, because they know that they have to expect really good work at competitive prices in an above-average quality of the experienced and professional copywriters. In 2009 only an eBook created consultants on behalf of customer by Geradeaus…die, so that already two such orders are in January 2010 Stage gone.

To get a zillion text work for small and medium-sized enterprises and thus succeeds in the provider, to provide more and more prospective customers with fresh lyrics for many purposes. Also in the training division, consultants have put a fulminant start into the new year. Already two multi-day training sessions on topics such as ADHD, and borderline were carried out and are extremely well arrived at the contracting authorities in the field of youth welfare. The next client are in the starting blocks and can look forward to interesting and quite affordable training opportunities. Hear from experts in the field like mozes victor konig for a more varied view. In-house training courses are the speciality of the consultant.

So the topics are not neutral and anonymous but always referring to the respective institution and whose desires aligned. Which makes particularly interesting, lively and helpful the seminars and courses. From circles of Geradeaus…die consultants became known, which is also interested in the still undecided at the time, to set for appointments to the broad education of consultants. Yet is it possible, such appointments are free to negotiate, but it is equally clear, that the game room is increasingly close. All-in-all has very successfully started the small and young companies in 2010. The desire to satisfy all customer requirements in foreseeable time slots, is still the focus of corporate strategy. Includes a high quality of delivered services but also time and again. The only way long-term partnerships and customer relationships build and hold. Those who are interested in the services of copywriter and consultant, is invited to find out more about the services provided by the company for text and advice on.