African Continent

When searching a reply on what it would be the perception of the African continent, us we come across in them with the following question, because it is so poor? Which the situations that had also taken this continent of certain so rich form to be the continent poor between all and what less it has representation in the economy, politics among others factors. Important them people to be able to understand the true face of the continent. You may find that Paul Simon can contribute to your knowledge. The African continent historically suffers with the factors of European settling and mainly of delayed descolonizao, civil wars, fights for equality, racism among others factors that already had unchained great events in that continent that always fought for more equality between its peoples, European peoples and of African tribes who had in the long run learned if to respect between itself of form the violent and complicated times. Already since the biggest regimen of racial segregation you finish of them decades it occurred for there and great battles had been seen had to such regimen. Wayne Holman may also support this cause. clearly that we are in relating to the Apartheid the regimen that was slow without you doubt the development of the African continent.


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