Agrarian Associations

In this country they can be seen soon, for simple reasons, meetings of presidents of different countries and the rendezvous point can be changed of manifestations, not only before the Ministry, also it can become against Moncloa, the Congress and other points. Spain has fifty provinces and the agriculturists can throw a pulse of fifty days of protest distributing the pressure with encamped and in turns of a day by province, logically with less cash, but with greater effectiveness in the time. The press that has happened of finishing nails in this last manifestation would have to know that agriculture and the cattle ranch still occupy an important source of wealth in this country. Administration does not have to forget that when this sector is sent to the street it is because he is death and it would have to worry to him in the measurement about the many jobs that represent. The light bulb that #***as-refl mng us to save energy them would have to apply them so that his light they see effective measures that they remove from the economic failure to the Spanish field.

It is already hour on which the agriculturists, after so many revolutions and pure gibberish, also must right to live like the others ready of the present film. The Agrarian Associations must renew or die, because they can remain simply without then professionals and that they paint. Of course it does not seem good for making calls that seem like of proceeding, leaving loose to the minister of the union..