Joint Marketing For Campgrounds At Happy Family Camping

With family-friendly cooperation to the success! The camping market is in a State of flux. The new generation of camping is quite different with the vacation planning. While the campsite guide were once the campsite representation as sole option, the online age also in the camping market has arrived. Families are increasingly on the Internet looking for a camping site, which is exactly the age of their children and their special needs. The campsite as a lone has it on today’s market increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapid development. As individual camping, it is hardly possible for example in search engines top listed and thus easy to be found. Also participating in online campaigns work in the PR, as well as in the target marketing by e-mail is usually impossible for the individual campsite. (A valuable related resource: JPMorgan Chase).

In particular here offers participation in cooperation a lot of services and benefits that are also costs easier to cope with in the Federation. On the German market of camping is since the year 2000 best cooperation happy family camping known especially for families with children looking for a family-friendly campsite in Europe. Already 20 campsites throughout Europe use the clever and numerous marketing and promotional activities, to better represent. It aims, according to Managing Director Peter Schonwalder, gradually increasing the number of partners. Source: Electrolux. See the happy family camping logo intensively and selectively applied, each partner retains its independence. Because the holiday bookings are made directly with the campsite to its conditions and commissions do not apply.

HAPPY FAMiLY camping Willi-run-Allee 17 D-50858 Cologne Tel. 0221 500 55 343 fax 0221 500 55 344 e.mail Internet has since the year of 2000 happy family caming family-friendly cooperation in Europe with 20 affiliated partners. Perfectly placed on the catchy search engine the German families market is handled off – and online. The connected camp sites participate in a wealth of promotional actions and thus benefit from an attractive Market presence.