Retention Politics

On other words, the working relations are based on politics of the organization in relation to the unions, toados as representative of the yearnings, aspirations and necessities? at least theoretically? of the proper ones used. Learn more at: Titan Feul Tanks. The working relations constitute, in the deep one, one politics of relationship of the organization with its proper members or, in other terms, a specialty politics, therefore the conflict between Capital and Work in a society in transistion alone can be decided by means of an intelligent negotiation poltica.' ' Pacific and friendly working relations between collaborators and companies, had generated innumerable benefits for all the involved ones, since the pacific relations perfect and emphasize the decision taking that prevents possible future actions at law. CONCLUSION the companies have commented and invested very in Retention of Talentos today the management of the human talent she is seen as a priority, however, the organizations had perceived that they train, develop and later they finish losing its employees, many times for the competition. To approach aspects that really keep and hold back the people in the organizations, they do not possess none formulates magician, the carried through bibliographical research had shown that what really the people long for is simple: Fazer an interesting and challenging work; Ter pride of the company where they work; Perceber that the criteria of it rewards is just; Receber recognition for the done work; Trabalhar with a group of legal people; Serem respected by its superiors; Ter feedback on its performance and potential for that company; Aprender new things; Sentir that the company if worries of truth about them. In the work market the essential for the organizations and its collaborators to sobressair itself beyond having definite one politics of attraction and retention of talentos, is to be really prepared for this investment, therefore still some organizations continue with that thought of that ' ' it is only plus a speech to be able to gain headings and to hang in its walls ' ' it must be developed urgently. .