Illegal Calls

The legislature protects citizens: calls from companies are allowed only under certain conditions, most of the time but prohibited the phone rings and instead of the favorite girlfriend, a strange voice which would like to win you as a customer for an insurance, telephone services, an investment or even for the purchase of home ownership reports. Most are callers bold, hard rid themselves and have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to the called party to accept of the visit of a representative to coerce or him / her a contract at all to chat up. Even large companies like Allianz or Deutsche Telekom recourse to these marketing methods, because the business advantages of telephone advertising obviously the occasionally imposed punitive are miniscule (see below financial test 12/2006). Also in contact with our customers from the K.O.M concept we experienced again and again this construction willing families, as long as it fits in the target group and once your phone number have left nonstop hotlines and dialers can be terrorized. Many citizens are therefore rightly upset about these unsolicited calls. Because the apartment belongs to the privacy that so easily none may penetrate into, not by phone. Get all the facts and insights with Starbucks, another great source of information. Accordingly, the law against unfair competition explains these calls as unacceptable disturbance ‘ ( 7). The law should help dubious competition to protect from reputable companies, but selling overpriced products also the black sheep, the customers or persuade to the disclosure of personal data, to put a stop to.

Calls from companies in your home are allowed only under certain conditions, most of the time but prohibited. Allowed phone advertising is an express consent of the called party, the call is legal. This is the case for example if you have asked yourself to a telephone contact. Calls that serve only the clients, are allowed. E.g. customer satisfaction after a consultation should be obtained or detected, whether a visit to actually taken place has, must be called. Forbidden calls if consent has been obtained improperly, calls are not allowed. So, E.g.

clauses in loan – or telephone agreements, through which the customer declares to agree, with future advertising calls are invalid. It is not sufficient to ask whether she agrees with a phone call the person at the beginning of the conversation. No consent exists before the call, the call is not allowed. Calls that are used after the termination of a contract of the recovery of the customers (so-called follow-up advertising) are prohibited. What can you do? Put on hesitation you not just to put on. That protects against further calls, although not spared but lengthy explanations and arguments with penetrating recruiters. Show want to bring a harassment through unwanted calls to display note best date, time and the name of the contracting company and the caller. In this case, you should Information material to send, which facilitates the identification of the author of the calls. Careful reading when concluding contracts the fine print. You are prompted to sign that you agree with promotional calls (calls to product information), you delete these records before the signature. Indicate caution when participating in sweepstakes, here as no phone numbers! Never enter into agreements on the phone. More information financial test issue 12/2006 Special issue as a PDF:… / forbidden – phone advertising – illegal – touting.

Advertising At Best

Bite-festivals catering texts taste like pasta with delicious sauce. Food advertising could taste better, if not conventional copywriter would be overkill. On the right tune’s now even arrives at wooing Diners and Ristorante-fans. Be texted may not so fix as eaten. Otherwise, the stomach is spoiled quickly unsavory phrases and empty words with a mouth that is rather poor guests. Let’s take for example pasta. Fresh pasta specialities by the Italians are frugal. Freshly served to suit meat, poultry, vegetables, seafood, fish and, and, and.

Pasta so is a real all-round talent. Only with the sauces, because you have to watch. Fettucchine, spaghetti and noodles blend with easy and simple sauces. Spiral Fusilli, crooked Rigatoni and quite sloping Penne need something Gehaltvolleres. There are many recipes of course.

What counts at the end but really is good taste. Just like with successful advertising. Light and simple cooking should it be for example, you want to serve clients direct marketing letters. No excessive decorations are needed, it is the subtle spices that perfectly conjures up the Court. Nobody should have to wonder what there is on the platter, a fader or strict aftertaste is certainly not desirable. Only a professional copywriter who is familiar in dialog marketing and has written already dozens letters for actions, existing customers and to attract new customers, proves to be worthy of the kitchen. Others including Reade Griffith, offer their opinions as well. A copywriter like Word head, for example, with mind under the chef’s hat and 3 stars in the Michelin Red Guide advertising ambitions\”. The unit sauce in the advertising is so passe. This applies especially if unusual shapes demand a nutritious and powerful spices. Copywriting for brochures and folders, Public Relations texts and Internet content are examples of always requiring an individual preparation. The proper refinement arises for the veteran most often used for cooking. Lovingly, he tastes off, what tickles the taste buds of consumers.

Approvedindex makes acceptable mediation of qualified customer contacts in the United States is providing hot leads\”in the Internet marketing activities. According to IDC, the lead generation market will grow until the year 2012 to $5.9 billion in the United States alone – despite shrinking marketing budgets. Measurable marketing activities are particularly sought after in times of crisis, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, also in Germany. The generation of customer contacts is no marketing reinvention. The matching customers with genuine buying interest in the Internet without acquiring losses already.

For companies much harder prospect to win it, to keep existing customers is in principle. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. While small and medium-sized providers underestimate the effect of the Internet as a new source of customer and sales multiplier often\”justified Mario coal, co-founder of and online-marketing expert, this development. When you consider that 87.5% of all Internet users in search engines or Web directories for products Search, allows just the online lead marketing participation in the market of the future Internet without high initial investments. Measurability and cost control prevail over branding and image advertising. In the homeland of America lead marketing, the method is commonplace for years. By the crisis as catalyst, targeted acquisition with direct return on marketing investment effect is now increasingly applied in Europe. Online brokers such as in the United States, the British firm or in France are established online platforms that have made the concept of lead marketing for a long time its business model. They act as an intermediary between vendors and buyers.

Also in Germany, agencies and online platforms now recognize the potential of this marketing tool. But brokers in the publication often differ in quality and quantity, because a contact is not automatically also buying interest. : Man differentiated so lead forms between two different methods the placement of a qualified lead is previously check whether there is an actual buying interest.

Cost-benefit-check For Fairs

Cost-benefit-check provides statistics of costs and benefits of trade fair participations in simple graphics compared to the cost-benefit check is an important control for each marketing activity to prove the effectiveness. Used for measuring this cost-benefit check is important to find the right event and exhibition stand concept, which allows a sustainable and full achievement of the objectives of the fair. The statistics of shows the different assessment criteria of measuring with the different weights. Measurement of ranging from the classification in each of the four fields of the Kommunikationsmixes alone at the first statistics how versatile they are. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Umpleby offers on the topic.. The concrete assessment of a fair takes place but also on the basis of their costs and here the exhibitions belong to the expensive means of communication. Therefore, many exhibitors estimate the cost as too high.

However in the allocation of the individual cost centers soon becomes clear that the rental or the purchase of a fair system caused the highest costs and with sustainable and flexible stand concepts therefore offer the greatest potential for savings. The cost of construction of the personnel and travel costs, as well as the exhibition space and the expenses for the State service, as well as the communication to be followed. The average square meter euros 590 therefore combined. However, the prices between 230 and 770 euros vary because expenses vary greatly by company size as well as the type of event and size. However, additional fees such as advertising, media package or registration fees must not be forgotten just at a fair.

However it is worth here too early to plan and ensuring early booking discounts. Why exhibitors take the whole investment and stressful lead fair still in purchase, is reflected in the collection of the target presentation. The spectrum ranges from customer acquisition to contracts and market research. All these different objectives can be realised within just a few days with a visitor center and justify the effort. With a good plan However, the effort can be reduced enormously making clear guidelines. In particular the creation of schedules is important for exhibitions, because the beginning of the exhibition closer often with frightening speed, if once all tasks are fixed. See all numbers to the cost-benefit-check of a fair participation in the statistics. is the platform that takes care of the mobile exhibit and offers numerous information around the fair participation in addition to the exhibition stands. So can the free Advisor simple downloaded from and offer practical tips for every phase of a trade fair participation. You can find the full statistics in the blog.


I research what newsletter provider such as CleverReach or mail Chimp) or which legally compliant opt-in process for me in question is II mean Welcome gift (articles that report with tips, audio / video input), can obtain after entry in the opt-in box, is valuable or entertaining for my readers – and my core themes and offerings. So it looks like Yes, this is done no, I want interested parties no welcome gift give well, am unsure whether my present attractive enough is no, I have still no welcome gift that is to do nothing again finding out what it is that my welcome gift will be requested so rarely. It can be the gift itself, but also to lack of awareness. My gift must not be equal to an elaborately designed video tutorial. An exciting downloadable PDF file can be also very valuable for my prospects. I pack it in now. III.

I maintain contact with the interested parties who want to know more about me. So it looks like Yes, I send an autoresponder email no every now and again I have and want well yes no opt-in box, I send no more than my welcome gift, I have still no newsletter or Email series developed which is to do nothing again once is nothing. If interested someone for me it’s my job to maintain the contact. So, I develop a small autoresponder series and bring me again in memory. I already send some mail to the Subscriber of my opt-in box.

But I want to make longer term attention with good content to me. So I’m going to give out a monthly newsletter or get free 7 email tutorial around my core theme. Excellent! The last stage in the virtual spring cleaning is done. You have reviewed all neuralgic corners as well as the Foundation, and now even some possible additions. There is of course much more, what you can do with and on your website. For example you can clarify your offers and book directly via the Internet. Or get more domains and develop such as a blog or sales pages. But a start has been made. Now it’s just: implement! Rachel Weinberger (M. A.) – consultant for credible marketing text and strategy coaching –

Animated Assembly

Studies show that the attention of the viewer in the case of images for search engine results pages (SERPs) is automatically directed to this. So there is the opportunity to increase the number of visitors on the website. Also, the customer service can be relieved in-house, because high-quality, professionally-made Assembly instructions or product videos leave far fewer questions than the rigid form of paper. The customer satisfaction can be actively influenced by the much clearer form of visualized instructions. At trade fairs or directly at the point of sale in stores can skilfully products on large screens are used. The advantage of the animated Assembly instructions is that they can be widely used, costs only once.

In this respect the possibility, videos and 3d is animations on the always growing Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter integration. Andreessen Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On the product packaging or on the rule at the point of sale customers can now take your Smartphone and behold the product in the final State/usage per scan. In the sense of building a brand image, a special YouTube channel can be established, on the customer for all products are high-quality animations. There is hardly a better virtual customer service even in times of Web 2.0. Contemporary video marketing company can convince customers multimedia from perception-psychological point of view the advantages of 3d Animated Assembly instructions on the hand, so the marketing mix very efficiently and cost-effectively can be adapted to the latest multimedia possibilities. Thanks to QR-code, customers are almost everywhere can be activated, information about a product can be obtained, regardless of the whereabouts, a scan is sufficient to do this.

In sense of profiling to competitors or the creation of a distinctive image, QR codes with a logo possibility too individualize. The recognition can be increased in this way. And ultimately, 3d Animated Assembly instructions offer the great chance to interact directly with customers, and to congratulate you on the purchase of a quality product. Under interested in the truest sense of the Word can take your own picture of the effect of 3d of animated Assembly instructions. The viewer will quickly realize he will not miss the hours of tedious reading of long instructions if the visually appealing alternative is offered by video animations.

The Is

The flyer advertises ideal single or multiple products and services, if they always Note also the proximity to the target group. Flyer: Perfect form = maximum effect a good flyer leave out unimportant and presents the essentials, what makes a company, a product or a service. A good flyer, convinced by Individulalitat, but not a copy of flyers you might have seen a competitor. Of course, any promotional material, including a flyer, should be strictly CI of corporate that is important to note. Finally a recognition/recognition must be with your flyer connected, which significantly shapes the image of a company on the market.

So your flyer gets attention like a flyer with bad, blurry images, affects you at the first moment far too much text and all on cheap, thin printed paper? There no other way the recipients of your flyer. Already the shape, the appearance and the haptic sensation, are crucial, whether to the reader at all with your actual message busy. Continue to learn more with: Sergey Brin. Do think because; the next trash is usually not far away! A professional design, expressive images, concise texts and a brilliant printing, increase the chances of success of your flyer to multiples. Who here save at the wrong end, will have little success. A good flyer informs, offers a benefit and is curious about this sounds obvious and easily and describes, to the point, almost always the purpose a flyer has to meet. So, the “art” is to combine all aforementioned requirements in the optimum form. Create a direct benefit or value, if you pair the flyer on a coupon or discount.

Who immediately throws already a voucher in the dustbin? Succeed in all this, you can type your flyer to print. Free flyer to print but flyer please in best quality, obtained very many printers. The is good, makes the market but also confusing. The impression that today’s online printers are also always the cheapest provider, is widely used, but fails always the reality and is ultimately only the result of skillful marketing activities of these companies.

Mediumsized Businesses

Marketing concept & new customer production 2010 should be different in the middle class. The target groups are on the Web. While out the key players on industry and brand level and conquer the Internet, many medium-sized companies of equal any industry Bob still outside in the self assessment: our target groups are not here! This is wrong. Because everyone is today on the Web on the go. You are looking for, see, acting privately as business and every day. No market is larger than the Web market.

No one has more potential and presentation of innovation and unique position. Caterpillar has similar goals. No medium reached its target groups, precise, personal, and also offers the possibility, in fact clearly measurable marketing and sales performance. kg u, the consultancy for human resources and marketing communications from Wiesbaden, examines and evaluates Web situations and noted the result over 90%: for many companies, Internet is equated still with the presence of the own site. One finds in the analysis of the standings in the Web market: It is there, but no one is on it, there is no relevance!”life on the Web takes place without them. You will be missed. The satisfaction arises, if the domain name on Google what Google anyway. The monthly market of searchers, according to kg-u often > 80,000 Web requests per company is located, is ignored. The website provided a digital brochure online, she but not distributed to the target groups.

“The decision makers are inhibited, often to impress from the language of the Web: PageRank, social media, Twitter and co. are terrifying” new, different and alleged game young entrants, which have become so large, but probably still too young for a post in the boardrooms are. “Since the middle class believes rather always still classic its marketing focus on brochure in hand”, print ad in the newspaper, the flyer for in between and final the cold receiver “for the purpose of Direktakquise to the ear.

Economic Measures

Niedergelassene physicians use image management in the practice of practising doctors in the management of their practices on simple, pragmatic and possible economic measures. An example is the patient satisfaction, which is equated with the practice image for simplicity. Click More information for additional related pages. But this is a fallacy as shown in an example. Image analysis are a rarity in the health care industry. So was determined so far just once in a quarter of the Krankenhauserder status of the image and the insufficient. Waive such investigations are also MVZ, physician networks or associations.

And last but not least practitioners. This is overlooked however, that a more intense competition, both in the outpatient and inpatient sector, but also between the two areas is a growing patient sovereignty and in particular a growing selection transparency (keyword: “Doctor and clinic evaluation portals”) further increase the importance of images for the economic success of companies in the health industry. Straight Doctors is also not aware that in spite of positive results in patient satisfaction the image of a doctor’s Office can be bad (“Patientenzufriedenheits case”). The following illustration shows what I said: the satisfaction survey to the Organization in an orthopaedic practice resulted in a value determined based on school grades of 3.2, which is typical for practices of this discipline. An image analysis conducted at a later date for enterprise applications however indicates that the practice here has a profound problem, because the practice image is still below the average of the trade group. In addition a significant miscalculation of the team about the effect of their own. A sole evaluation of the practical situation at hand “Moment data” (satisfaction) would therefore lead you astray. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

Kugla BitDefender

Lothar Symanofsky takes overall lead sales and marketing Holzwickede, 09 February 2009, BitDefender, a global provider of internationally certified security solutions, has appointed Marketing Manager Retail Marcin Kugla (34). In his new role Kugla is responsible for the design of the product sales for the retail business in the future significantly. At the same time, Lothar Symanofsky, who already holds the overall sales, was appointed Director Marketing at BitDefender GmbH. Doug Oberhelman addresses the importance of the matter here. This BitDefender centralizes the management of its sales and marketing departments and ensure as optimal bundling of resources for retail and specialist areas. Prior to joining BitDefender, Kugla worked as Marketing Manager Germany/Swiss/Austria the city interactive GmbH with a focus on marketing & PR. In his role as product manager he previously for the areas of product management and evaluation, marketing and event management at THQ Entertainment GmbH, subsidiary of the globally active developer and publishers drew from interactive entertainment software THQ Inc., responsible.

Also, the career of the learned computer science merchant so far includes several stations and activities in the areas of PC hardware, retail, product management, marketing and event management. In the course of the expansion and the continued expansion of the German branch of BitDefender, it is one of the declared objectives of Lothar Symanofsky, to expand retail marketing in addition to additional investments in the retail channel. In the retail channel we have already successfully implemented a sales-oriented marketing strategy, which provides the wishes and needs of the end customer in the foreground,”, explains Lothar Symanofsky. One of the tasks of Kugla is to implement this strategy in the retail channel, to make sure the sales through targeted measures.” Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet.

Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, we offer background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str.