Coach Company

But the emphasis in the term just on the fact that learning a whole COMPANY! It's quite a fine line: the training of individuals and training companies. Education personality – usually trained on the basis of personal interest: "I want to – find, watch, try." On the approach "expect from the training and Coach (!). With feedback in the spirit "like – not like it." Education of the whole company – learning from the organization's interests, "learn what is necessary for the development of the company." "The objectives set out and make to Themselves. " Feedback is that the productive practices in the company take root and start working. It is very important – to useful innovations have become the norm in the company. How many examples is that people who have passed training (quality service, flexibility for change, initiative, teamwork, etc.) have grown, changed. And the company remained the same, and new (even useful) knowledge there were simply not applicable. Thus, the training company – is in many ways that the new productive approaches have become the norm in the company.

About creating an environment where purchased for training valuable knowledge and skills are adequate and applicable. Refinement. Train Let us study the company for almost a bit of classical theory. Peter Senge in his "Fifth Discipline (The Fifth Discipline) back in 1990, defined the learning organization as a place "where people continually expand their the possibility of creating results, which they really want, which nurtured the new large-scale ways of thinking in which people are constantly learning how to learn together. " Five major disciplines, distinguish learning organizations, Peter Senge on – is: 1.

Personal mastery. 2. Creating a shared vision. 3. Team training. 4. Cognitive model. 5. Systems thinking. Personal mastery. This discipline encourages people to clarify for themselves what is important to them and how this relates to the current situation.