Afghan Aratta

From these works it follows that the suppliers of processed lapis lazuli in Sumeria, were residents of Aratta. Location Aratta map of the ancient world is the subject of the most that either there is heated debate. Various hypotheses, and that's just one of the main pointers to solve this problem rasmatrivaetsya lapis lazuli. It is known that such high-quality lapis lazuli is possible to obtain only in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan in and because there was a hypothesis (author Sirianidi VI) according to which there is Aratta were located in the north of Afghanistan. This hypothesis is based on lines from the poem "and Enmerkar The High Priest of Aratta, "where literally reads -" .. lapis lazuli in his field for her the goddess Innin gather.

" However, for many reasons, this hypothesis is not confirmed. There are many other hypotheses, in mainly based on the idea of re-exports of lapis lazuli, but in this article, we do not consider it possible and necessary to enumerate them. The only thing that accurately follows from all this, it's categorical rejection of the hypothesis (!) According to which Aratta is located could somewhere in the territory of historical Armenia. Meanwhile, among other things, as we have yet to talk about this issue, the scientific world still have to pay attention to Armenia as a country where since ancient times has been greatly developed the production of lapis lazuli. If it were not so, it would have greatly surprised how ancient Greek scholars Theophrastus and Pliny called lapis lazuli, and they called it, none other than – "Armenian stone." This situation is only possible only if the Armenians have for many centuries before Theophrastus, long before the 4th century BC, have monopolized the processing and trade in lapis lazuli.