Lawyer Hermann Josef Piepenbrock

These tax breaks are extremely important in particular for medium-sized businesses and family farms. The high tax rates of up to 23% in the lowest tax bracket I (spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren) or even up to 50% in the most unfavourable tax class III (already from cousins and cousins or even the unmarried life partner) can cause that liquidity shortages in the succession. This Steuersparmoglichkeiten in the corporate succession can be realized sometimes with very little effort. His eldest son inherited as an entrepreneur his company and we say a loan the younger son, who is still studying, about 1 million, which he has granted to the company, so the student, whose tax allowances was already exhausted, pay 190,000 taxes also would have to if the loan in seven or even ten years paid back would, he would get so initially a penny in the succession. The father however gave the money through an own group financing company as a loan to the company, the Studiosus could get tax-free money, if the father had bequeathed him the stake in the finance company instead of the claim itself.

The cost for this would have been low. Because each case is different, to make an appropriate succession planning as soon as possible and to implement is only recommended. As in the inheritance tax and gift tax law is a somewhat exotic matter, every tax advisor nor any lawyer with the possibilities arising from them is familiar. When selecting the help should be taken therefore in addition to the or the home and farm advisors by specialists in claims. “” At a company assets by only “5 million that spared” can be transferred, will be in the lowest tax bracket already 1 million in tax savings, in the worst even 1.5 million. Here, a consultant fee is well spent. Lawyer Hermann Josef Piepenbrock