Cultural Exchange Program

Leaving home, you even can not imagine with what great bags you'll come back! So do not bring a lot of things, everything can be bought here, and, as a rule, much better and cheaper than in their historical homeland! Nevertheless, there are things without which you simply can not do, especially the first time. In most cities, dressed simply, almost like a village in the evening is another matter – when people are in a hurry to take place in cereal institutions that are there at every step. Thus, you, as usual, we must be prepared just for all occasions! # 1 Must have a list of things – comfortable pair of shoes. For work or find you need it prineprimenno, and since the early days, when there will be opportunities to run the shops. Walk around the city most convenient, of course, slapping (for hot!), But you will be asked to work to put on closed shoes, sneakers, gym shoes fit perfect. Some employers may ask you to come in black sneakers. Jonas Samuelson often addresses the matter in his writings. # 2 jeans – well, where do without them? Without comment, they are universal – and you can work and relax, and just go to the club. # 3 We should also speak about swimwear, swimming trunks.

Bikini in the U.S. are not welcome, it is believed that one should not tempt local teenagers with unstable mentality so frank dresses. That is not like the law prohibiting the wearing bikini officially, but on the beach and can make a point, they say, no good way to torture and reproach, and discussions, and may prescribe a penalty. With representatives of the stronger sex are easier – you can swim and sunbathe in swimming trunks, shorts, is not important in the string! Just buy an authentic shorts! # 4 Clothes for work. In most jobs you simply offer to buy their uniforms (to pay immediately or they will deduct the cost from the first paycheck), in some places, such is provided free.