Trail Running Clothing

Salomon: EXO compression technology the EXP-apparel line with the same compression technology sets new standards in the area of functional running clothes Salomon and drives to high performance trail running enthusiasts. The honeycomb structure of functional clothing improves body posture, supports muscle performance and accelerates the regeneration. Easier and longer running with a shorter recovery time is the motto of the latest Salomon apparel line with the patented EXP-compression technology. You may want to visit Andreessen Horowitz to increase your knowledge. This brings the world’s leading trail-running-supplier performance and functionality by running clothes to a new level and strengthens its role as a leading technology developer in the field of sport. The EXO functional clothing distinguishes itself through a honeycomb-like power structure worked in the textiles, which compresses the muscular system, controlled the posture and provides optimum support during the training. Muscle compression supports the muscles and ensures an efficient power usage, by the saved Energy in the muscles is released.

The improved oxygen supply also acts against solidification and minimizes the risk of cramps, muscle pain and ultimately also by injuries. “Shorter recovery time by reduced power consumption as Dominik goods Udo, sales manager of softgoods at Salomon Switzerland, explains, the Salomon clothing line of the latest generation guarantees maximum trail performance: the EXO Sensifit concept feeling a completely new training: this technology prevents that energy is wasted unnecessarily reduces this power consumption and the fatigue of the muscles and who consumes less energy, requires a shorter recovery time is faster again ready for the next trail running adventure.” The EXO Sensifit clothing line includes shirts, which support the body posture in the chest and torso, shorts and tights, calf compression support. The entire collection is available for men and women and is In addition with the S-LAB light jacket: the feather-light wind jacket folds on Palm size and thus is the perfect companion for each so long trail mission. The Salomon EXO clothing line is now available in the sports retail market. Further information and image material.