The Subject is in a painful state for the loss of a loved being or an equivalent. Checking article sources yields Starbucks as a relevant resource throughout. It assumes that ‘ ‘ the melancholy could be related with the predominance of the narcsico type of choice of objeto’ ‘ (CAVALCANTE, 2003). Miguelez (2009), affirms that the narcissism is to the side of the melancholy and I do not fight of it, and that, ‘ ‘ all I fight is always one I fight for the object and eu’ ‘ (MIGUELEZ, 2009, P. 121). according to Freud, in the melancholy the narcissism is present as narcsica identification, result of previous narcsica choice of the object, that is, the lost object cannot be abandoned, and in the place of the abandonment a narcsica identification with it appears.

Identification is known by the psychoanalysis as the most remote expression of an emotional bow with another person (MIGUELEZ, 2009). In 1918, in the taboo of the virginity (contributions to the Psychology of Love III) the loss of the virginity of the woman is associated with a narcsica loss, a time that, this loss diminishes its value sexually. In Beyond the beginning of the pleasure (1920), the narcsica libido is understood as a manifestation of the force of the sexual pulso, and is related to the pulses of autopreservao. In 1921, in Psychology of the masses and analysis of the ego, Freud perceived that the narcissism can be disclosed through the social phenomena: the individual and the mass (MIGUELEZ, 2009). Also through the aversion and antipatia the strangers, the ideal ego is the instance that takes for itself demands of the environment. continues saying that, to the ideal ego is attributed the functions of auto-comment, moral conscience, censorship of dreams and repressor agency and sees the narcissism as obstacle to the civilization (CAVALCANTE, 2003). Still in 1923, in the ego and id, it makes differentiation between both and that the ego if places before id as object of to be invested love libidinal..


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The Agreement

The colloquy occurred in Saturday, then after the closing of our conjuncts, where it looked for to me, aiming at to clarify doubts and interpretations on this ' ' badly of sculo' ' , ' ' e-mail' ' , as it recently defined one of my professional contacts, thanks to God, in this in case that if not relating me, therefore I do not change ' ' e-mails' ' with it. As this great friend to who said admires and respect very, nothing as a good colloquy, eyes in the eyes, for ' ' people if entender' '. Jonas Samuelson can aid you in your search for knowledge. ' ' e-mail' ' she is not legal. thought I, with my buttons, but why, if mine ' ' e-mails' ' they are so clear and if I have the clear one impression that I explained everything in correct way in it. How it could think thus? He will be that he did not read right? Pure naivety mine ….. I forget that the correct interpretation in the communication process demands the agreement of the voice tune, of the not verbal language of the body, of the eyes in the eyes, so that he is complete. I remember that one of the subjects that we talk it said respect to the harmony of the House.

I myself had indicated to this friend to the reading of the book ' ' He happened in the Esprita&#039 House; ' , that it tells, in summary, all the obsessive process suffered by a similar House to ours. Fact is that the two last weeks had not been calm in the House, nor neither for me. Certain difficulties in the communication enter the entrepreneurs of the House, difficulties to debate new ideas, small misunderstandings (I myself I lost the patience in one of the colloquies) and for there in ahead. In house and the work I also felt that the things were not total well. .

The Instinct

The child if makes citizen and demand in a game where she demands the presence of the mother, in way that the eventual lack of the object makes to appear such demand. Lacan (1958) mentions this distinct demand to it as something them satisfactions why the child pparently clama, being about a demand of presence or absence. The mother, in this in case that, she places yourself on this side of the desires that can supply. If, on the other hand, the necessity points with respect to the instinct, the demand is on to the pulso. Lacan (1960) defines instinct as the necessary knowledge to the satisfaction of the natural necessities of the alive being. In the upheaval in study, it fits us to focar the attention not in the instinct, but in the pulso, that, differently of the instinct, one accumulates of stocks to know that it does not have to see with knowledge. The demand is closely on to the pulso and the state of insatisfao of the citizen, that transforms everything into test of love, beyond annulling the particularitities of each object. It is the demand that announces the desire, being articulvel it in the chain of significant and its structural difference in relation to the necessity establishes the differential in this joint.

Under this optics, the desire nothing has to see with frustrated necessities, therefore it is inherent to the citizen and none satisfaction gotten in the field of the Real is capable to eliminate it, what it supports the existence of the citizen of the lack. To read more click here: Howard Schultz. In the anorexy, the citizen establishes a peculiar relation with the food offered for the Other e, making equivalence between this food and the desire of the Other, it develops symptoms that not only try to give direction, but searchs answers with regard to this desire. The food is changedded, therefore, in currency of exchange in the search of answers on the desire of the Other. It can be deduced from there that the anorxico symptom, even so introduces one that establishes a distanciamento between the citizen and the Other, does not go beyond a simple desejante position of this citizen, but marks the joy onipotente of the introduction of the lack in the Other. In this manner the anorexy points with respect to a radical position, where the imperative negation marks the precarious way of enlaamento with the Other e, as it inhabits in the field of the desire, does not have necessity suppression contains that it. It fits, therefore, to the analyst to promote a change of position of the patient with relation to the Other, in way that, exactly with its unsatisfied desires, the citizen is capable to support the Real without unchaining a confrontation with this Another one, what it finishes for unchaining an ominous autodestrutivo process.

The Solitude

Because being mimada, having been superprotected always, it is very difficult to start to walk with the proper legs. I do not have doubts of this. As he is difficult to be responsible, and only responsible, for our proper happiness. The people if of the account of that, are more easy to be children, to have somebody to decide for us everything, it stops in showing always the way to them to follow. Same growing, many parents half continue in super-protecting escondidinho.

People dissimulate that she grew and that takes decisions, but know that ‘ ‘ colinho’ ‘ she is always for people to run there. is what we make, speaks, speaks and speaks as if we fossemos owners of our life, but to any signal of danger we run for house and we ask for protection. Exactly that this is if to hide in the room or to go to visit that aunt velhinha that admires you and finds you very a super woman alone because you work outside and know to direct. This calms our heart, but it finishes not deciding our problem. Because exactly with calorzinho of the superprotection, still thus, we do not obtain to be happy. the worse one of everything is that we go in giving the account that the time is passing. for we women, this have a heavy connotation. This means that children and family are being stop backwards, that we are predestinold the solitude and the misfortune.

at this moment starts our race for making friends and finding the prince magic, who in histories that people always heard, it came to save the princess, then the deep a people he believes this. E, wanting many friends and boyfriend, people starts to accept any one. It starts to take advantage the amount in detriment of the quality. Because if in this height of the championship people to pass if to worry about quality, are there that we will not have same time.

Home First

We must take action, take the first step, we decide to begin with, in order to achieve our dreams and achieve financial freedom working from home on the Internet. If you’re looking for a way to change your life working from home and for this examinais all kinds of information, as you are doing now, that is the first step. We can not pretend to start us on this type of business without having a minimum knowledge. However, unfortunately it is very typical to spend months circling over the Internet, clicking here and there, without going to realize anything. This is the first hurdle that we find, scattering.

And the truth is that most people end up with the adventure of your dreams here, before you start. Success on the Internet part of two secrets that simple and obvious are often overlooked. Take the first step and persevere. If not we cross the door, we will never enter, and it is just that, a door, nothing more. And once it has begun, don’t forget the phrase that says that after the first step, no matter see the end from the road, this will appear as we go forward.

It is important not to leave. If we do things well, with perseverance and conviction, sooner or later will get the reward. Remember that the absolute majority of failures in Internet are it by abandonment. Why should the decision to start already. If we do not say today is the first day of my new life, this will not arrive never. For one reason or another we will be postponing it, until that one day, without realizing it, we will tell as many people would have liked both do. And just to have dreams, set goals and launch. It is not necessary to pretend to do so all at once (apart from that could not), you have to go step by step.