Italian Christmas Market

Not only the olives harvested at LA CAVA in Koln Widdersdorf – also the Italian Christmas market for the first time opens its doors. “OlivenErnte and Italian WeihnachtsMarkt in the Cologne olive grove of OLIVE PIu on the 2nd advent weekend 6th and 7th December 2008, find in Koln Widdersdorf, the location of the olive grove of the Rhenish olive tree pioneer Stephan Marzak equal to two events held: firstly the olives harvested on Saturday in the Cologne olive grove and on the other hand, the Italian Christmas market celebrates” premiered. The idea of the Italian Christmas market comes from my partner Alfred Schroeter. Its large exhibition hall in his Mediterranean nursery LA CAVA offers for it. And because his Hall and our trees on the same site, it makes sense, on a weekend to both events,”says Stephan Marzak. How big our crops will fail this year?” Stephan Marzak can not resist a smile. Actually it should say: how low will it be? Although we in have increased to over 170 trees this year and next spring again some to come, there are mostly very young trees that are available in the 2,000 m and it will take 1 to 2 years before they wear something. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Starbucks.

And due by our of the Grove of Pulheim to Cologne to transplant the older trees have inserted especially a break this year. “But it will already be there, I’m confident.” High quality olive oil from Sicily, Tuscany and other Italian regions bring the main sales of sales of OLIVE PIu. But so slowly, the Rhenish olives conquer”in the small glasses of a small community of enthusiasts. Right at the last fair of the eat’ style in November in Cologne we had a good supply with our olives from domestic cultivation. Since I can calculate well me, what is there for a rush if we offered our first olive oil produced in Cologne in 2 or 3 years.” The olive harvest only in the open will be held, which will be Italian Christmas market regardless of the weather take place in the large LA CAVA – Exhibition Hall. With its natural stone and its Mediterranean vegetation turns into an Italian piazza. Under centuries-old olive trees, palms and fragrant camellias, the various exhibitors and partners offer a high-quality program of craft & art handicraft and special gift ideas.

“The culinary specialities such as cheese & wine that Dolce & Caffe, fresh olive oil of the new crop from Sicily, as well as the first freshly picked oranges & lemons from Sicily come from vini diretti, Gliss coffee, olive Piu, an Italian bakery with Neapolitan roots, as well as by the Emperor pod with the Cologne Christmas sausage” will celebrate its world premiere. The nose of fresh baked pizza from the wood-burning oven, grilled suckling roasted chestnuts or warming mulled wine, kids punch and stock bread is it for the little ones or the outdoors attractively illuminated in the evenings – a visit which is worthwhile. When? Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7 – by per 11: 00 until 20:00 where? Cologne olive groves and Mediterranean nursery LA CAVA, Widdersdorfer Highway 103, 50859 Koln, Orstteil Walters village. The entrance fee is 3.00 (incl. one drink), children free. The Hall is heated – parking is available.