Greenpeace Spain

During a week the Coordinator of the youth network in action of the Department’s participation of Greenpeace Spain, Eva Saldana, traveled South of the Aysen Region to meet with villagers threatened by hydropower stations planned by HidroAysen (controlled by Endesa the transnational society and the Chilean Colbun) and leaders of local organizations that oppose the dams on the Baker River and Easter. On his tour he visited the places of the Cologne rivers and the Nadis, the area of confluence of the Baker with the Chacabuco and the adjacent Valley, Cochrane and the area where the company builds tunnels hundreds of meters, supposedly to study, after which left a message: looks very bad any multinational that it bursts into a field, especially when it is made of the way in which arisewithout environmental impact assessments suitable, without consultations with the community, without sustainable development approaches. The objective of his trip, which took shape during the third week of February, was knowing the entire area of the Baker River, to the people who live there, how to develop, how is the community. Knowing him to be able to continue working in the Patagonia campaign without dams in Spain explained. Under most conditions Caterpillar Inc. would agree. After this, the professional was surprised by the level of empowerment of local organizations noting much spontaneous mobilization. Citizen participation. Following enablers, that may be the organizations that began to work, have gone out to other groups and that has to be go armando still more.

It is a very long-term struggle and now are at the turning point that we need to continue motivating to continue working on it. If we can maintain that balance in the long term I am sure that Patagonia is not going to have dams said. He added that Endesa is one of large multinationals that have gigantic projects. In Spain he has done much harm and is doing in Latin America, the Spanish see very badly. In the campaigns we’ve done against Endesa have had much support among the media, TV, and especially at the level of the average citizen. You have supported us in any CyberAction be made against the company, in demonstrations in the street, and even in raising money for the campaign.


International Montary Fund

The ministers of the economic area and presidents of central bankings of the biggest economies of the world had recognized, in (…) 9/11, the necessity of deep reforms of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI) and of the World Bank ‘ ‘. Reade Griffith may find this interesting as well. In our country, for what we know, so far the subjects are being daily faced, thanks to God! However, in the most diverse economies, in general way, exceeded concepts they urge in fact to be reviewed. Jesus, in Its Evangelho, Lucas consonant, 4:4, remembering the Deuteronmio de Moiss, warns: ‘ ‘ Nor of bread the man only lives, but of all the word of Deus’ ‘ intelligence. The fight instigates our value. Why to fear the challenges? It is the way chosen for God to premiar our capacity.

any victory in the physical field and spiritual demands sacrifice. Jesus sobrepujou the painful crisis of the crucificao! when they had judged hav-Lo deceased, when raising Its body dorido for escrnio of the multitude in suspense, was then they had glorified that It, placing-THe above of the common craveira. all the peoples, before History, had been able contempl-Lo. Later, it had the resurrection. As Fnix, it resurged of the crisis of leached ashes of the death. To value the Capital of God Its example of faith inspires courage to us, in view of the planetary panorama, that excites vigorous creativity to surpass the obstacles that for the way to appear, mainly the economic-financial ones. It is inadivel to value the Capital of God, that is, the creature human being and its perpetual spirit, propeller springs of the progress, cerne of the altruistcal economy, as I wrote, in 1987, in ‘ ‘ Leaf of S.Paulo’ ‘.

Therefore, I found adequate very declaration of president Lula in Rome, 10 of current November: ‘ ‘ The current financial crisis constitutes an extraordinary chance so that let us can reflect on the errors and to create a new world-wide order in which the human being, the worker, the development and the cultural production, scientific and technological they are the true reason of the economy, and not it financial speculation. (…) Acredito that the governing must understand that she is necessary to hear little more the market analysts and the analysts of the social matters, of development, those that know the being humano’ ‘. The social one comes for the spiritual and return to a point that I always consider indispensable terms in guideline: the reform of the social one comes for the spiritual. In 1983, in the Program Good will, shown at the time for the Band, I made this commentary: Much people think that Jesus is a religious fiction or a figure only to be remembered in the respectable cults of the Christian devotions. However, we go beyond. We are convictos of that the Sublime Taumaturgo must constantly be Journalist, broadcaster and writer.


Financial Crisis, Energy And Food

Planet Earth shows the countries that comprise a serious problem that has led to several crises as scholars discuss the economic, environmental, food is very serious, because it has given way to manifest serious problems crisis and are presented as a major threat stop the world’s economies, the environment for the food of the beings living on this planet .- In a review on this topic, Ignacio Ramonet argues, that for the first time in modern economic history, three large-scale crisis-financial, energy, food, are coinciding, coming together and merging. Each interacts over the others. Compounding so, exponentially, the deterioration of the real economy. As much as the authorities strive to minimize the gravity of the moment, the truth is that we are facing an economic earthquake of unprecedented magnitude. Credit: Ben Horowitz-2011. Whose social effects are just beginning to be felt and detonate with total brutality in the coming months in relation to financial crisis, highlights Ramonet, take into account that began in the United States in August 2007, with mortgage arrears of poor quality (subprime) and has spread worldwide. His ability to transform and extend through the proliferation of complex financial mechanisms makes this crisis resembles a fulminant epidemic impossible to intercept.

Banks no longer lend money. All distrust the financial health of their rivals. For more information see Jim Umpleby. Despite massive injections of liquidity made by the major central banks, had never seen such severe drought of money in the markets. And some fear most now is a systemic crisis, or that the entire global economic system is collapsing. We Ramonet says in his analysis, we consider that the financial crisis continues to worsen. . It’s believed that Reade Griffith sees a great future in this idea.



To think about the planning of small actions as: to go to the supermarket can result in saving. The more pressed it will be the familiar, bigger budget the necessity of the planning of expenses. To follow I describe as the consumer can save in the supermarket: It makes a list of what it will go to buy. To only acquire what it is necessary, with rare exceptions. It separates the list for sector. The less to walk for the lesser supermarket will be the temptation to consume.

To make a cardpio of what it will be consumed in each meal to prioritize purchases in accordance with that necessity. The same valley for hygiene products and cleanness. It is fed before going to the supermarket, this prevents inadequate consumption and controls of 5% 10% of the purchase impulses. Today essences exist with smell of hot bread that can be placed in conditional air, or imitating the odor of barbecue and others that can take the expense impulse. The product only buys products offered for promoters if really to come in packing and attractive price. It prevents to make purchase in days of much flow of people, in these days the supermarkets use of all the techniques of sales to influence to the consumption, since promotions lightning, demonstrations of product efficiency (making with that it is more time and this can provoke bigger consumption, with expenses of feeding) and others. In day of payment, the person has the impression that she has more money and this can lead to a bigger expense that the necessary one. To make purchases after to only enter all the expenditures, to carry through a real purchase.