Two Footpaths

Uribe is hard like Fujimori in Peru or SAND in El Salvador. It emulates to the first appearing like a caudillo besides the traditional parties, who constantly creates abbreviations around his figure and that generates support popular promising to security and investments. However, he knows that the Colombian guerrilla is more difficult that to squash than the Peruvian. Tirofijo took the arms six decades ago (whereas Gonzalo was caught docenio of to have initiated it). If the Shining Path attacked the lefts, the unions and all the governments of the world, the CRAF and the ELN court both to first and the mayorship inhabitant of the capital and cultivate relations with operative Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

If the anti-CRAF does not manage to exterminate to this one, he at least looks for to go it softening it and to perhaps push it that it decides on the footpath of his mesoamericanos groups of comrades, South African or Irish, that exchanged the arms by the ballot boxes. A model for the Colombian right would be SAND, the most successful force pro Bush to the south of the USA and the unique party in all West that has done to choose four consecutive presidents. Part of the SAND popularity must to that it polarizes to the country among them and the ex- legalized guerrilla to whom presents/displays like cuckoo that would prevent the flow of remittances and investments.