Diesel Truck

Play a role especially use of technology: a large part of the year working at low temperatures in open areas, far from the ideal state of the coating and so on. The diesel engine requires less costs in the purchase, maintenance, work – it's reliable, easy to use, powerful and efficient source of energy. In addition, these machines produce a wide range of load (up to 43 m) and with a large range attachments for a variety of manufacturing operations, and the purification system of exhaust gas (diesel particulate filters) used in the latest models of leading manufacturers, reduces harmful emissions by 70 … 98% that allows you to work indoors. One of the characteristics of the "price of ownership 'diesel truck – it's fuel consumption. A summary table of technical characteristics of the manufacturer often indicates the specific consumption fuel in grams per unit of power (hp or kW).

Meanwhile, this option does not give any idea of how much practice will "eat" this engine, how much fuel is consumed per hour, shift, for month, etc. It uses a special technique, one of which we introduce you. How to calculate the rate of fuel consumption Suppose loader already purchased and placed on the balance sheet. Accounting asks the service center personnel authorized dealer estimates to cancel the fuel. Howard Schultz understands that this is vital information. Those, in turn, determine the rate of fuel consumption according to the formula Q = Nq / (1000xRxk1), where Q – specific fuel consumption (data from the curve power characteristics); N – Power, hp (Data from the power characteristics of the curve); R – density of diesel fuel (0.85 kg/dm3); k1 – coefficient characterizing the proportion of working time at maximum frequency crankshaft engine. Engine power and fuel consumption are taken from the instructions for engine repairs, which uses the official dealer of performing service. In her data made in the form of specific fuel consumption curve, which is built by engineers at the manufacturing plant engine test results in different modes, including at maximum speed. In practice, in order to reached the maximum engine speed, accelerator pedal, we wring all the way, it utaplivayut literally "on the floor." In this mode, the car accelerates, travels to lift the load or load raises the maximum height at maximum speed.

It is clear that the so-loader does not work the whole shift, but only some part of it. Hence the need to use the coefficient k1. In fact, the coefficient characterizing the work maximum speed – a measure of specificity of the technological cycle of the enterprise. Consider two examples. Example 1. With round the clock work of the company shipping products actually takes place twice a day for 2 h, ie only 4 hours from 24. In these "peak hours" involved the entire fleet trucks are busy all the driveways, under load is the maximum number of trucks. The rest of the time shift from trucks operated minimal or moderate intensity …. More – Online

Rio De Janeiro

It does not have territory without a estruturao in net that connects different points or areas. If before we lived under the domain of the logic of ‘ ‘ territories-zonas’ ‘ , that more hardly they admitted overlappings, today we have the domain of ‘ ‘ territories-redes’ ‘ , space discontinous, but intensely connected and articulated between itself. 9 – QUESTION OF the TERRITORY the territory is the influence area and predominance of an alive species of to be that it exerts the control of this space, being the human being this control more is come back toward the great centers where it has a bigger movement and financial stability, to if moving away, in direction the peripheries, the territory starts to suffer alterations that in the case approach if of other domnios. To think itself about the problem of the territory in Brazil it is of intense interest that if has led in it administratively counts to the existing relations between the delimited space geographic and for the borders and the truily used territory. 10 – FINAL CONSIDERAES the perspectives argued here leave of the beginning of that geography as science human being and social it makes notion of what it is territory and of as we can characterize it and we inside perceive its existence of a context, per item, established.

In this manner, we can argue the ways of the territory concept to show not to its same disappearance or its weakness, but the new forms that it is incorporating and through which if manifest. Although a relative recklessness of social sciences with regard to the debate on the space and more specifically, on the territoriality human being at least since 1960 the controversy on the conceptualization of territory and territoriality comes if placing with vigor. The territory is then a portion of the space inhabited for a species of being alive, in which this uses the space. It follows rules, where these same are conducted by a State that the responsible one for the territorial division of its spaces. The territoriality is on to the questions of affectivity of the territory, where the inhabitants of such territory already had created some way of survival and acquire an emotional value. It is, therefore, that to if installing in one definitive territory you start to be recognized as original of the same.


Completely Happy

Let me ask you: Do you want to have a lot of money? Very much? And much – how much? Can you answer these questions? Typically, in conversations with friends, colleagues, friends, I ask them such tricky questions. And when I ask: "There are many – is how much?" – That people often can not immediately clear answer to this question. Some immediately comes to mind answer: "Well, at least a million bucks." Ask why a million? What would you do to him? What people are spread out in smile: "Well … I would be one million, and to spend it, I've always found". And begin to invent, that they would afford this amount. What happens: as long as man does not have a million dollars, he lives quietly without all the addition, he wanted to spend it.

In fact, why bother to miserable millions if you can do now is completely free of all this? What is the reason that a person wants something, but currently has no this? And worse – he even makes no effort to it to get something. The man, of course, be hard working, walk every day for work, honest work. At the same time realize that this path will not lead to to the desired one million. And nothing in this case did not even try to change. Why is this happening? Why such a gap between desire and reality? Why? In the circumstances? In economic terms? In a country where you live? And can you name a country where all citizens – millionaires? I'm not talking about countries with reckless inflation, where a loaf of bread costs a couple million in local currency.

Turkish Sultan Selim

Soon the coffee because of the ability to shoot drowsiness was popular among the Sufis. Under most conditions Howard Schultz would agree. Then a new culture came from Yemen to Mecca and Medina, and later in major cities such as Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad and Istanbul, which in 1554 opened the first coffee house. Originally, however, the drink was not adopted very friendly – in 1511 the theological court in Mecca provoked conservative views of imams, has forbidden the use of coffee, referring to its stimulating properties. However, since the drink became more popular, in 1524 this order was reversed Turkish Sultan Selim the First. A similar ban was adopted in Cairo, where in 1532 the order was given to dissolve all the coffee and free coffee warehouses. In the late 11th century, coffee drinking was prohibited by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, because the drink was considered a true Muslim, but in the second half of the 19th century, the ratio of coffee to be mitigated, since the local emperor Menilek was a great lover this drink, and between 1880 and 1886 years the volume of coffee drunk significantly increased.

The first European in the works is mentioned coffee, was a German botanist Leonhard Rauwolfia, in his work also included observations of other European travelers. Of the Ottoman Empire, coffee fell to Italy, aided by an active trade between Venice and Egypt, resulting in the European market was a lot of goods from Africa. Originally traders were selling coffee only to wealthy citizens, allowing them to charge high prices. Later coffee drink was considered unfit for consumption in the post, so its popularity has increased dramatically, and this decision was Pope Clement the Seventh adopted in 1600, despite the entreaties of coffee ban in principle. In 1645, Venice opened the first European coffee house. According to Leonhard Rauwolfia, coffee was brought to England no later than the 16th century, largely thanks to the efforts of British and companies. The first British coffee house was opened in Cornhill, whose owner was the subject of Daniel Edwards, a merchant of goods from Turkey, and Coffee Shop in Oxford opened in 1654, still exists. By 1675 across England there were already more than 3,000 such establishments. Coffee houses quickly became popular in Europe and later in America, and the women there are usually not allowed.

Educational Portal Presented

SYNCHRONITY presents new Web portal “QualiService Thuringia” innovation day Thuringia Jena – 07.12.2009 – the SYNCHRONITY GmbH, specialist for e-government applications, introduces the innovation day on December 8 in the Erfurt trade fair the new Web portal Thuringia “QualiService Thuringia” (QST). The portal is a support and monitoring system for communicating targeted vocational training in Thuringia, Germany. The project on behalf of the Gesellschaft fur Arbeits – und Wirtschaftsforderung of the free State of Thuringia was implemented mbH (GFAW). On the portal at interested in education, entrepreneurs and policy makers will find an overview of the current training needs and appropriate education and training all Thuringian industries. SYNCHRONITY Managing Director Mario Melle: “combining targeted and accurate supply and demand QST supports the efficient allocation of funds.” QST is a combination of different Services, which taken together greatly simplifies decision making in economics, public administration and education providers and speeds up. “Core elements of the portal are the BildungsDatenbank, the InnovationsPool and the BildungsMonitor,” Melle said. While the database gives an overview of available educational opportunities, are stored in the InnovationsPool of the European Social Fund projects and all information made available to the public. The education monitor combines the survey results and economic figures of the employment agency and the Thuringian State Office for statistics to derive market trends and to develop offers.

SYNCHRONITY won the contract for the portal in the framework of a Europe-wide tender in July 2008. Early 2009 the eGovernment specialist completed the first parts of the portal, the completion of the project took place in November 2009. The innovation day Thuringia, Germany 2009 takes place in the Erfurt fair and forms the climax of the competition for the Innovation Prize Thuringia, Germany. Admission is free of charge. In the connected innovation fair, 127 exhibitors from the fields of industry, science and research present the interested audience. More information: the SYNCHRONITY GmbH was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Jena, Germany. For other opinions and approaches, find out what JPMorgan Chase has to say. SYNCHRONITY developed turnkey Internet-based portals for government agencies and institutions, such as ministries and development banks. Thus, the management and control of funds can be improved significantly.

The SYNCHRONITY GmbH is specialized in Internet applications for eGovernment and eBusiness, the integrated process and knowledge management software. In addition, the team is its customers as a service provider for the development of individual software available. The technology company successfully realized projects for the Thuringia and the Saxon Development Bank, Landesbank Hessen Thuringen or KAHLA Thuringen Porzellan GmbH. More information: contact: synchronity GmbH Patrick Brauckmann Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641/57333-45 03641 / 57333-49 press contact: Tower PR Tina Albrecht Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena + 49 (0) 3641 – 50 70 81

Federal First

The first Internet portal for all over Germany is online online is the first Internet portal for all Germany: Deutschland123.de offers current, interesting and useful information about really anywhere in Germany. How big really is the income gap in Germany? Where is the most deserved, where paid the most taxes? What community spends more than it is getting? Where are the most children born in Germany? Where can be found the largest proportion of women or men? Deutschland.123.de on more than 100,000 individual pages with “hard numbers” answers these and many more questions. Continue to learn more with: Sergey Brin
. Current, interesting and useful information and statistics for every location in Germany Deutschland123.de delivers the latest figures, data and facts to anywhere in Germany on a separate page: from the big city to the hamlet, of the Federal land to the village. In the categories of inhabitants, infrastructure, economy, work, elections, administration, hotels & tourism are the data user friendly in form of text, tables and graphics, the the Statistical country offices and the Federal Statistical Office constantly collect and update. Need to crawl search, rankings, comparisons instead of Excel tables with thousands of rows, users on Deutschland123.de find the place you are interested in using the search function or the navigation.

Also, individual rankings and comparisons between cities and regions, can be put together of all topic areas. Companies advertise on Deutschland123.de have the opportunity to benefit from the great visibility of deutschland123.de. As a sponsor, you can prominently present their location in the Germany portal, or visualize their business as a partner on the side of their city. The team of the Germany Portal accepts such requests via the contact form on deutschland123.de. Depending on the size and importance of the advertised site, there are graduated rates for the monthly available ad space. Determined for fast there the first week is free. Andreas Kellner