The Solitude

Because being mimada, having been superprotected always, it is very difficult to start to walk with the proper legs. I do not have doubts of this. As he is difficult to be responsible, and only responsible, for our proper happiness. The people if of the account of that, are more easy to be children, to have somebody to decide for us everything, it stops in showing always the way to them to follow. Same growing, many parents half continue in super-protecting escondidinho.

People dissimulate that she grew and that takes decisions, but know that ‘ ‘ colinho’ ‘ she is always for people to run there. is what we make, speaks, speaks and speaks as if we fossemos owners of our life, but to any signal of danger we run for house and we ask for protection. Exactly that this is if to hide in the room or to go to visit that aunt velhinha that admires you and finds you very a super woman alone because you work outside and know to direct. This calms our heart, but it finishes not deciding our problem. Because exactly with calorzinho of the superprotection, still thus, we do not obtain to be happy. the worse one of everything is that we go in giving the account that the time is passing. for we women, this have a heavy connotation. This means that children and family are being stop backwards, that we are predestinold the solitude and the misfortune.

at this moment starts our race for making friends and finding the prince magic, who in histories that people always heard, it came to save the princess, then the deep a people he believes this. E, wanting many friends and boyfriend, people starts to accept any one. It starts to take advantage the amount in detriment of the quality. Because if in this height of the championship people to pass if to worry about quality, are there that we will not have same time.

Acquisition Belkin Leads

Belkin announces the completion of the acquisition of Linksys. Playa Vista, California/United States March 19, 2013 will be the technologies of Linksys as an independent brand and product line continued. The famous Linksys router as well as the innovative include Wi-Fi smart platform, including related services. Linksys has a long tradition, a loyal customer base and a broad product portfolio. That has supported our decision, encouraged the company to take over and us to carry on Linksys brand”, so Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin. We will get the Linksys products and develop in order to improve the user experience and to offer more features for the management of the home network. Linksys smart Wi-Fi offers consumers an innovative and easy way to interact with your home network. We will continue to invest in this concept, by adding more features and products.” Linksys products will be available for customers and for dealers and be developed further.

Some new features will be announced in the spring. By getting the two Belkin and Linksys brands in the field of home networking, Belkin would like to appeal to consumers with various interests with well-defined network solutions and create the leading ecosystems for mobile devices and smart homes. Support for Linksys products is maintained through the already established Linksys support channels. Service requests can make Linksys customers via the support page of the Linksys ( homepage. Guarantees are recognized for current and future Linksys products in its entirety. It happen just lots of exciting things around the networking of our daily lives and we are pleased to continue brand of Linksys which enable new experiences in the home networking”, Pipkin adds.

Linksys and Belkin are a team now. As this, we are ready to do great things and to establish products that delight consumers and increasingly networked, mobile world support.” About Belkin International, Inc. Belkin develops products that use the possibilities of modern technology to enrich people’s lives. With products from diverse areas of technology, wireless networks and home entertainment accessories for mobile devices, energy management and an extensive range of analog, digital and network cables connect Belkin products the points of intersection between people and technology. Belkin is in private hands since the company was founded in 1983 and bought Linksys in 2013. A powerful platform that enables home network and the latest generation wireless communications was created by the acquisition. Same er thing offers high outstanding for security, infrastructure, energy and server room solutions for Belkin. The new Belkin including the Belkin and Linksys brands employs more than 1,500 people and has outlets in over 100 countries. Belkin’s headquarters is located in Playa Vista, California. Learn more about the products available at and More about Belkin is there on the home page: aboutus /. On Facebook, Belkin is and on Twitter at to find. Linksys press contact: Mike Duin + 31 652529519 talkabout communications gmbh Franco of Shafeeq Rahman Balanstrasse 73 81541 Munich Tel: + 49 89 459954-11 eMail:

Frankfurt Infraserv

Infraserv of logistics completes for customer information system PICS auditing pre-qualification who issues as chemical business services within its production facilities to third parties, must ensure compliance with the labour and health and safety regulations. The principal information platform PICS collects all relevant data and perform a pre-qualification of the service providers on the basis of uniform criteria. The registration and pre-qualification has completed in November Infraserv logistics in this system. Frankfurt am Main, December 17, 2012 – compliance requirements, provided by companies of the chemical industry are background for logging on to the platform. PICS is the inspection of the contractor in relation to occupational health and safety management systems. The platform stores the results in a database and it provides interested parties on request available. “The pre-qualification for PICS a quick overview about means for our existing customers and new prospects that we all” for they meet”important rules, explains Wolfgang Kuffner, Director of chemistry logistics locations of Infraserv logistics. The service provider has started with the registry because his customer Arizona chemicals in the wake of an invitation to tender has called a pre-qualification through PICS auditing. Advantage of the single platform is that client through a convenient flag system with colored markers can immediately recognize whether the service provider meets the desired requirements. If necessary, the details are stored in addition, based on those PICS makes the status reviews. Wolfgang Kuffner: “of PICS we offer a high degree of transparency. We disclose where our standards to the occupational health and safety.” For the registry, for example, the information on the subjects of Infraserv logistics quality, health, safety and environmental protection on compliance with the requirements of the Europe-wide programme were checked. Upon activation, PICS Infraserv certifies Logistics, that she meet these customer-relevant criteria. Press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 business contact: Petra Sternberg Infraserv Logistics GmbH Industriepark Hochst / building K 801 65926 Frankfurt Tel.: 0 69 / 305 18 252 Infraserv of logistics Infraserv Logistics GmbH provides nationwide value-added logistics services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and process-oriented industries. The secure storage and flexible handling and transport of goods, in particular risk – and active ingredients as well as dangerous goods and medicinal, are core business of Infraserv logistics. In addition, Infraserv of logistics offers services in the areas of distribution and dangerous goods management, order processing, customs clearance, as well as training and consulting services in the GMP and dangerous goods environment. A company of Infraserv Infraserv logistics is Hochst group with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The logistics company employs 550 staff and 14 trainees and generated a turnover of EUR 77.5 million in 2011. More information:

Tips For Choosing Wedding Favors

Do you ever wondered if putting or not party favors on your wedding day? Some brides do not contemplate a wedding without party favors, since this will encourage and give that fun touch to the wedding, with the time that is called hora loca. Others believe that it is not smart to put it and see all the guests, even to the bride and groom, decorating is as if it was a costume party and desluciendo their costumes. Finally, we believe that it is a matter of taste and personality of the bride and groom. If you want something between these two options, you don’t want to be the apathetic that places no party favors at your wedding and go through boring, but nor be put streamers, maracas, etc., you can opt for any of these ideas that we’re going to give and who have been in trend in recent weddings. For example, put a more sober or theme party favors. A theme of lenses is an original super choice. Go to any store of party favors and insurance will find many and different lens models. There are up to with Elvis Presley sideburns.

Like your guests so that they saved it for the next carnivals. Another option may be to select a specific range of colors such as silver, gold, white and black. To do this you must only buy all items such as hats, glasses, and plumage in these colors, and your guests will look elegant and will go to tone with your wedding. A very innovative option is to buy only fluorescent as glasses, lenses, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Sergey Brin
follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. elements is super in! In many weddings they divide more comfortable shoes for your guests and personalize them to make it remember: cholitas for Beach, crocs, sandals, etc.

Love this idea to us. Dare and gives you that original touch that you are looking for for your party favors. Did you know what? The Cotillion (Cotillion gallicism) is a type of France from dance, invented around the 1700s to be danced by pairs of four, forming a kind of square. The cotillon was one of the many contradanza where (especially those from royalty) participants came together to present socially, as well as to flirt with other dancers through the exchange of couples that is carried out in this type of dance. If you want to know more tips for the Organization of weddings, beauty tips for brides, wedding vendors, wedding decoration, tips list of weddings and more, visit our wedding Tips section.

Interior Architecture

The architecture and interior decoration are fundamental to promoting a hotel worldwide. The hotel is the place where people expect to find comfort, relaxation, quietness and of course impeccable service. An elegant room, a comfortable bed and clean bathroom are only the basic requirements for sodisfacer a client, but not far enough. The key to success is in the interior architecture of a hotel that knows how to unite the fundamental requirements with a single touch. Today travelers want much more than the convenience and comfort. For your stay looking for originality and uniqueness, and this is only achieved with a creative design out of the ordinary.

Therefore the interior design company should be chosen carefully. In addition to presenting a functional and cost-effective project interior architects must be able to combine their aesthetic skills with the latest trends in interior design. A cosy atmosphere among gardens and palm trees, tall trees in the lobby, a warm welcome in the reception, the fair combination of lighting and colors and a cosy Hall with wall paintings are small details that contribute to an unforgettable stay. Original author and source of the article.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is the best in Europe Spanish cuisine in the second post all results here: #post – 2347 Zeist, November 15, 2010 the Italian cuisine is clearly the best, according to the results of an international survey with more than 10,000 participants. Visitors to the websites Zoover holiday reviews, could give your vote to your favorite national kitchen. Survey the Italian cuisine was the most voted, while English cuisine just had votes. The tastiest Italian cuisine almost a quarter of all voters chose as his favorite Italian cuisine. The Italian food is known the world over for its great variety and their seasonal dishes. Spanish cuisine has been the second most votes with less than 15% of the votes. They are above all the Spanish tapas that are giving to meet with much success abroad. France, the country of haute cuisine, had to settle for third place.

The specialties of the English kitchen obtained less than 3% of the votes. The Mediterranean dishes are fashionable study shows that the Mediterranean dishes are extremely popular, since the 4 most voted kitchens come all of the Mediterranean countries. The main ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine tend to be fresh and it makes use of local products. This creates a large number of regional dishes where each zone serves its own typical dishes with aromas and flavors. Much interest by the Spanish food, Spanish cuisine had a 14.4% of the total of the votes, thus becoming the second most voted kitchen. The Belgians are who most appreciate our kitchen since they gave a 31 percent of the vote to Spanish cuisine, leaving Italy very behind with 3%. Assess the meal of lodging the valuations of travel Zoover website visitors also have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the food of the accommodations that have visited.

This assessment is done separately local cuisine. From these data it is accommodation in Austria to serve the best food, followed by very closely by Belgium and Germany. It is striking that most rated kitchens in the survey, here do not appear in the top positions. On the Zoover website is present in 21 countries and receives nearly 80 million visitors annually. The web has more than 1.2 million ratings and more than 250,000 accommodations in more than 42,000 destinations around the world. The best traditional Italian cuisine in Scacco Matto Absolut Madrid gastronomy: A good Italian food Absolut Italy the 5 themes favorites of LAS VOTACIONES BELGIANS on November 4, 1960 Born to Queen. Fabiola, a Spaniard in the Court of Belgium cuisine Italian Pepekitchen, 16 October 2010 course, Malaga

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson: Of course, I have a great tendency towards fanaticism which is very close to the surface. The first time I watched the first part because my mom called me and asked: “You looked “Iron Man”? “. And I told her in reply: “Iron Man”? I’ll see, but it’s really not my style. ” I thought that if my mother advised me to watch “Iron Man”, so it is a wonderful movie. It’s not that My mother – a big fan of comic books.

When I looked at it, I was shocked. I’ve never seen anything like it in this genre. – When was this first encounter, you have to try on the role of any super-heroines? Did they have to accept something for you? Scarlett Johansson: There were different kind of heroine of the Moon (Moon), and like it? Red Witch? Blond phantom (Blonde Phantom). Maybe we are about some more talking. Maybe I’m all of them wrong perceive? Had a pair of heroines, which I looked and thought: ‘Okay, this is the heroine who could come in handy somewhere. ” – As you get used to his character in terms of acting, apart from physical training? Scarlett Johansson: I think my character – like a werewolf.

As if I was playing two different characters. One character is more mysterious, I would not say that it is humble, but I believe it merges with the crowd. The second aspect of my character – energetic and knows its own merits. She can simply say: “I’m going to fight in that direction.” For me to have the opportunity to experience the feeling to be capable enough to play it, even though it is capable of fight, and do not think it will calm down a simple beat. For me it was a daunting task, but John was a terrific. He gave me a really supported it. – Was you happy with the way you dress is sitting on a cat? Scarlett Johansson: In the end – yes, I was happy. I must say that when you’re so much effort to invest in something, anything to wear, it’s better to stay happy, rather than vice versa. – What was your reaction when you first saw yourself in this suit? Scarlett Johansson: It was incredible to see it first. All of a zipper, and all the weapons on him, handcuffed, and all that. I must say it was pretty cute. Of course, I came to the set in it, and many of those who worked on the film, were fans of these comics, and of course, they know the Black Widow. All were incredibly happy to see the Black Widow. When all of them, and the whole crew, said: “Looks awesome” – then I thought: “Then Okay. – What was it like? Scarlett Johansson: What was it like? It’s hot. Hot and crowded. Source:.