MMD Designed The Exhibit Of Renowned Customers At The ISPO 2013

ISPO Munich, 03-06.02.2013 designed and supervised 2013 the renowned customers from the sports apparel for the ISPO fair in Munich. Munich, the 10.12.2012 is the world’s largest international sports fair ISPO and presented the latest offers and new releases for sporting goods and sports fashion from the fields of outdoor, ski, Board, running, fitness, sportswear, beachwear, team sports, soccer, Nordic, bike, racket, triathlon and kids at the new Munich trade fair centre. As international sports business network fair now ISPO 2013 soon numerous sports-interested trade visitors inviting. More than 2,000 exhibitors use the ISPO to represent 185,000 m approximately 80,000 visitors. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. Always new sports were placed on the ISPO and now falls the focus more and more on the networking within the sports businesses.

The ISPO was held at times even twice in the year and separated thus the winter and summer sports. For a few years, the Exhibitor to one bundle joint exhibition in the month of January or February together. The Munich trade fair Bauer mmd maintained this home game”again numerous exhibitors and optimally and efficiently uses its proximity to the trade fair centre in Munich. The mmd customers come from the fields of outdoor, ski & action and instruct the stand builders for years with the conception and implementation of their booth. For example, a leading ski and snowboard entrusted to manufacturer from France APO is already for many years of the mmd and makes his booth by the professional exhibition designers to produce. Newly added is the company ODLO. The market and technology leader for functional sports underwear asked already at the ISPO 2012 with the structure and the Organization of trade fair appearance the mmd GmbH and builds its almost 500 m exhibition stand also in 2013 with the team of the mmd. The mmd GmbH is from the 3rd to the 06.02.2013 partner in the field of exhibition design and exhibition stand construction on the ISPO Munich 2013 and ensures a successful presentation of their customers. Press contact: Sandra Kahmann mmd GmbH, Parsdorfer Strasse 29 85599 Hergolding/Munich Tel: + 49 (0) 89 99 15 27-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 99 15 27-20 E-mail: Web: company: mmd.livedesign was founded in Munich in 1980 and has an international network with locations in Austria, the United States and Brazil. For over 30 years, designed and organized by the team of mmd livedesign successfully integrated solutions for trade shows and events and provides support from conception to production in the company’s own shops. Its international locations allow the realization of exhibition projects around the world.

Personal Trainer – The Exclusive Sports-Butler

Fitness is a megatrend. -A basic need in the Western societies is increasing brief info on the subject of personal trainer appearance and well-being. In addition to fitness studios personal trainers offer well 15 years more and more their services. The following introduces the profession of personal trainers. What do personal trainer personal trainer offering private lessons in all areas of sport and fitness. The customer books the coach, discusses personal requirements and wishes. The personal trainer prepares an individual training plan, picks up the customer at the agreed times, and accompanied him during the training.

The training programme ranges from endurance training, weight training, stretching to the nutrition plan. A personal trainer will be paid by the customer directly on the basis of an agreed hourly rate. This personal training can reach an hour very quickly the monthly fee for a good Studio, which reduces the customer base of a personal trainer. Those who book a personal trainer? There are mostly good earners and businessmen, the good looks and fitness as Consider status symbol. With high body awareness and low duration, this target group in the field of fitness wants only the best of the best. Customers need the personal trainer not only to combat the inner pig dog, from which even the most committed athletes is haunted from time to time. You look at the personal trainer also self-affirmation and the opportunity to explore one’s own physical possibilities with a professional.

Often included prominent search the personal trainer who offers confidentiality and optimal care. The exclusivity of the target group requires the personal trainer sensitivity and a good self marketing. How to become a personal trainer? Love to the sport, communication skills and empathy are basic requirements. A study of sports science and education as a trainer is one of the essential qualification. A personal trainer as instructor or instructor at a good gym is the ideal introduction. Here the first valuable can be contacts especially if the Studio a more elite audience appealing. Many personal trainers understand the self marketing excellence, present with its own Internet presence and good image for specialized training programs. Exclusive sports Butler love of the sport, a solid coach education and a sense for the exclusive clientele make up the success of a personal trainer. Good self marketing, specialization and skill in dealing with people decide how frequently customers book their coach.

New York City

Snacks show in that quarter to over 400 various shops in addition. in this place there are clothing superficially, to pick up body clothes as well as shoes and bags down are used partly up to 25 percent. On the last day of the week you are Shops particularly full, there on Saturday because of the Jewish free day the local businesses have. Exceedingly to lay at the heart of the 5th Avenue in the one known a nice mixture of expensive boutiques, is also shopping malls, not big shops and attractions such as such as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller center finds. Who traveled to New York for the Christmas shopping, which may be never the lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center escape ditch. In addition to the fact that this is a herauragende post address to go buy the lower Plaza at Christmastime in a huge ice skating rink, New York City meets completely the turns.

Rockefeller Center is also the famous Christmas tree which is the 25 m stand, the largest Christmas in the United States. The 5th Avenue is considered especially between the 50th and 59th Street as absolute when it comes it in New York need to go shopping. You have here a pleasant mix of expensive designer shops, famous department stores, small shops and Attractions such as the St. Patrick’s Church and the rock fell er Center. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. Who visited New York not only for a short trip to the Christmas shopping, rather something with has time in the baggage, there is notable, in addition to the New York attractions to drive a Umschweif with the bus or ferry to New Jersey.

in this case which can be classic houses marvel at ami, in those gardens and which houses are lighted Christmas decoration piles. The flair that exudes New York in the winter time is probably unique in this world. Even if some the selection range of trees, colored lamps and Nicholasses, from which all will be delighted if you to the Christmas shopping visited NYC, probably as debauched and sappy would call, so you feel still at home and protected in the city of dreams. Do you have the good luck, meanwhile, to the Xmas shopping New York looking at, to be surprised, so you will know the New York, the city of the first snow that does not sleeps, stops for a small time and admired the hustle and bustle of the snowflakes. summed up, it is worth at least once to the Xmas shopping new visit York. Discover more information about shopping in New York City at Christmas time under: Christmas shopping New York

ADNOVUMServices/gwp: Binding Letter Of Intent About 250 Megawatts Wind Energy

Developers of wind turbines get “Acceptance guarantee”; Cypriot Pentsolar would like to get clear Berlin in the Polish market, 12.12.2012. The wind energy sector in Poland gets tailwind. Because their Government has decided the significant expansion of renewable energies. This benefits the project developer of gwp German wind power, currently alone pushing forward a potential of about 600 megawatts (MW) and with partners via another 270 MW. Poland offers similarly good conditions such as Germany for wind energy operators – what affects the wind sites -.

The feed-in tariffs are however. A further advantage over Germany: So far fewer sites are accessible in Poland with 3,000 MW compared to 21,000 MW production in Germany than in this country. The wind turbines to the grid, go enjoy mostly the advantage of much better to be involved in the infrastructure. Reasons enough for international investors, to engage in this business field. For this reason, is now also the Cypriot Pentsolar entered into a binding agreement with the German ADNOVUMServices GmbH, whereby a potential 250 MW would like to assume that if the projects have reached the ready (ready to build/RTB). ADNOVUMServices is among the marketers and financiers of the locations of the wind power project developer gwp German wind power and offers a variety of investor models.

Pentsolar itself is one of the 400 largest companies in Russia, who established on the technical development and the energy associated with the Group Ruselprom. The company was founded in 1991 has focused among other things on the electrical engineering and received the national business award 2010 as the most innovative and leading company in the country. Now to cut out feelers towards renewable energy and provides best opportunities here in Poland. “We are pleased about this development, because offers of course a de facto acceptance guarantee of our projects for our investors and a good condition, the business successfully operate us to” can,”says Marc huts, Managing Director of ADNOVUMServices GmbH. With 300 MW of electricity by wind energy Pentsolar would rise from the State to the leading operators in Poland. For more information,

About Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom

With around 260,000 product offerings, 9 million prices by up to 100 TOP distributors and manufacturers 1200-bound, the 21st Mall is content engine”of A one IT GmbH currently the most advanced eCommerce system for the German ICT sector and is used daily by over 5,300 users and highly appreciated. Consistently tailored to the needs and processes of the ICT industry, offer E-commerce solutions by A one continuous maximum process optimization as well as reliable productivity gains in purchasing, sales and marketing. This automation supplier comparison, shopping, booking, selling worried about 95% to customer communication and drop shipment including RMA and unwinding. Take advantage of the Know-How of the specialists for your success in E-commerce. More info see, contact person for the press: Hermann Dresen, mail contact: of QIVICON QIVICON is leading an Alliance initiated by the Deutsche Telekom Industrial companies in Germany with the goal, smart home to promote the subject and to provide multi-vendor solutions for customers. Together with the partners of EnBW, eQ – 3, Miele and Samsung developed the Telekom a platform, the subject areas such as energy efficiency, safety and comfort for people of all ages for cover at home. In addition, a growing number of other partner companies will take the QIVICON platform for their smart home advantage offers.

About Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies with 144 million mobile customers and 31 million fixed line and more than 17 million broadband lines worldwide (as of September 30, 2013). The Group offers products and services from the areas of landline, mobile, Internet and IPTV for private customers, as well as ICT solutions for wholesale and business customers. Deutsche Telekom is represented in around 50 countries and world’s 230,000 employees. In the fiscal year 2012, the Group achieved a turnover of 58,2 Billion euro, of which more than half outside Germany generated (as of December 31, 2012).

The Employee

Load of the trainer is here to the dogma of the qualification. In this way millions in personnel costs sunk annually, without that develop only a single step the employee still ahead. It’s as if you go shopping in the supermarket and don’t pay at the checkout! Personal development to the leadership is promoted also public impact. The tool is used to educate junior leaders are questionable. To observe, it is very often that theoretical training to the executive staff are trained. Little value is placed on the practice of parole. AC pass and then down in the conduct of business. This, already the failure is pre-programmed, this approach being the experienced practice often not with the learned theory into line to bring.

Frustrated executives, demotivated employees with all negative after-effects, and poor results provoked result. Add to this are then still an unprofessional handling of the people who have been further developed. Hopefuls are not consistently promoted, disabled executives no longer stopped in their deeds. Richard Elman may find this interesting as well. Common understanding of leadership? Nil! We are looking for from those who are closest to the superiors, and especially those who are supposedly easy to lead. Converter without demand virtues are bred. The whole thing is then called spirit! Especially damaging there, where even guidelines for dealing with each other exist. What is with those who dare to even talk back to me, independently thinking and constructive criticism.

Uncomfortable and difficult to do. Typically, this leads to the so-called career in such companies. What is destroyed again with such acts of business lines, is not to quantify in euro. Is often more, that get people in leadership positions, the neither have participated in a programme, for a leadership position in question come. Mainly the nose factor is positive, and one moves on the right network! The process is insidious and therefore extremely dangerous for the company.

Office Insurance

“Compulsory insurance for lawyers & firms: insurance Portal launches the Attorney liability solution for the mandatory insurance for lawyers and law firms: the insurance Portal has the Attorney liability together with insurance company Markel international Germany” developed. Get all the facts and insights with JPMorgan Chase, another great source of information. The concept is online since December 2013, which meets all the criteria for compulsory insurance for lawyers BRAO pursuant to 51 and also on the own business can be adjusted individually. An annual contribution of 85.50 euros NET (incl. 10% run-time discount), coated deductible in the asset liability for business start-ups in the first three years and optionally selectable performance enhancements round out the legal liability. – Managing Director Ralph Gunther is convinced of the concept to the compulsory insurance for lawyers: we thought the topic of compulsory insurance for lawyers and law firms new: today is not only the protection of pecuniary Third parties (E.g. by period omissions) important, but the insurance should protect the lawyer himself.

An approach that we have taken up by and also own certain types of injury covered offer E.g. reputation damage or the loss of written work documents.” There are innovations not only in the scope of insurance, but also in the calculation of the contribution: the differentiated pricing calculated in our knowledge after for the first time after the focus on the lawyer, which offers advantages in terms of conditions. The lawyer liability of contains following cover elements: property damage liability insurance (VSH) – mandatory coverage (gem. 51 BRAO) Optionally selectable including trust insurance and private insurance Office & operating liability (BHV) equity insurance for privacy and cyber risks (DCD) optionally available through the optional services to the compulsory insurance (statutory insurance cover for) Financial losses), the protection for the self-employed can be configured individually and are collected as needed. And if the requirements change, the lawyer insurance feature upgrade can be adapted at any time. Compulsory insurance: in just a few minutes to permit convenient: the automatic registration with the competent Chamber of the RA. After the lawyer Haftpflichtschickt the Versicherungsbestatigungnach of 51 BRAO electronically directly to the competent Chamber of the RA.

This saves study approval process. Also the insurance certificate can be downloaded immediately at any time after conclusion of the contract. Young lawyers and entrepreneurs at initial admission get also more favourable terms. And: in the first three years of insurance, there is no deductible for them in the compulsory insurance. The legal liability of at a glance: Proof of insurance for approval within a few minutes of special conditions for new entrants / entrepreneur privacy advice,. Mediation, etc. covered on the series damage & Sozienklausel Privacy & Cyber self-coverage covered does not have trust and reputation damage (optional) a special feature of the legal liability of is also optionally selectable Privacy & Cyber self-coverage “.” In the case of a hacker attack, DoS attacks, computer abuse, data espionage and interruption of the own law firm by cyber criminals, the capacity expansion for expensive proprietary damage attacks. Cybercrime is located in Germany at an all-time high. Before allemSelbstandige, there are increasingly victims, whose simple security systems are more vulnerable. We meet with additional insurance coverage, we offer also in the legal liability”this risk, says Managing Director Ralph Gunther. “For more information about the legal liability” by

Lawyer Hermann Josef Piepenbrock

These tax breaks are extremely important in particular for medium-sized businesses and family farms. The high tax rates of up to 23% in the lowest tax bracket I (spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren) or even up to 50% in the most unfavourable tax class III (already from cousins and cousins or even the unmarried life partner) can cause that liquidity shortages in the succession. This Steuersparmoglichkeiten in the corporate succession can be realized sometimes with very little effort. His eldest son inherited as an entrepreneur his company and we say a loan the younger son, who is still studying, about 1 million, which he has granted to the company, so the student, whose tax allowances was already exhausted, pay 190,000 taxes also would have to if the loan in seven or even ten years paid back would, he would get so initially a penny in the succession. The father however gave the money through an own group financing company as a loan to the company, the Studiosus could get tax-free money, if the father had bequeathed him the stake in the finance company instead of the claim itself.

The cost for this would have been low. Because each case is different, to make an appropriate succession planning as soon as possible and to implement is only recommended. As in the inheritance tax and gift tax law is a somewhat exotic matter, every tax advisor nor any lawyer with the possibilities arising from them is familiar. When selecting the help should be taken therefore in addition to the or the home and farm advisors by specialists in claims. “” At a company assets by only “5 million that spared” can be transferred, will be in the lowest tax bracket already 1 million in tax savings, in the worst even 1.5 million. Here, a consultant fee is well spent. Lawyer Hermann Josef Piepenbrock

In Germany

That’s why many votes loud that are see the demolition as the only way out. De facto, the bad Bank (SAREB) in their business plan draws a Depreciation of 103 million in consideration for possible cracks. (Similarly see: This is reflected in an increase of 5% on home and apartment purchases in the past year. However, unlike Spain, these purchases are financed often Savings or selling holiday real estate (often on the Spanish coast), and not by easy loans, as they were thrown behind the customers in southern Europe.

Another difference between the real estate sectors of the two countries is the construction of holiday complexes (apartments and hotels) on the Spanish coasts. A phenomenon that has a low range in Germany and has significantly contributed to the real estate boom in Spain. So much so, that according to a report by Greenpeace, the building boom leaves behind a nearly destroyed coastline, at a construction rate of 2 acres a day between 1997 and 2005. Thus, one can say that Spain and Germany have different starting points in terms of its real estate sector. Spain has the hard case, a long and rocky road of recovery ahead. Germany undergoes change in purchase and rental behavior of its population and tried to dispel doubts about a real estate bubble that has no significance beyond the major cities. Contact:

Stainless Steel Irons

We offer a brief review of functions and types of irons, offered in our market, and we hope that this will help you make the right choice. Irons are simple, and steam with steam generator irons first type is almost available as to have little or no demand. The main range of many well-known manufacturers represented mainly by conventional steam irons, which are used in everyday life. Iron with steam generator are approximately five times more expensive than conventional steam irons. Their use is advantageous for large volumes of work (studios, lounges, shops, laundries, etc.). Dwell on the ordinary steam irons that we need in everyday life.

Sole – The most important element of the iron purpose of research on the development and creation of soles – to reduce friction during ironing and to protect the soles of the damage that is inevitable in the process of ironing things with buttons, snaps and 'Lightning'. In addition, the sole should evenly distribute the heat. To meet the sole manufacturers use different materials: stainless steel or chrome-plated steel, aluminum or aluminum with non-stick Teflon-coated or Ceralon, cermets. Stainless Steel Irons with soles made of stainless steel offering the firm – bosch, siemens, moulinex, rowenta. This material is strong (although not as durable as ceramics), no scratches, well heated and cooled, easy enough to slip over the fabric, it is easy to clean. However, these irons can be somewhat hard, heating and cooling is a little longer than irons with aluminum pads.