Gartner Technology

The accelerometers of position, light and temperature enhanced senses to any mechanism. Other technologies such as augmented reality and semantic applications, aspirated to revolutionise the sector. Socialization five trends lead to the more powerful and uncertain: socialization. Social communities, virtual worlds and online learning are every day more relevant in the corporate field. The network of computers to the network of people; of the masses, to the customizable technology; control over content, the information explosion. The combination of these factors has destabilized the balance of power between businesses, consumers and providers, acknowledges Steve Prentice. What are the sources of revenue in the social era? The answer, in 2012. The digital natives dominate the world most have between 15 and 22 years.

Communicate virtually, but they do not use e-mail, but SMS, messaging, social networking and online video. For them the technology isn’t an improvement, is the norm. They don’t understand it, use it. And, although still they do not have money, they love to buy clothing, music and any extravagant accessories in virtual fantasies such as The Sims 2. They are the digital natives, and according to Gartner, dominate the world in 2018. These generations have a new concept of culture and use of technology.

They do not read books from beginning to end, flicking a set of sources online; its essence is based on validating concepts with colleagues, share, explains Peter Sondergaard. According to Pew Internet Project, 55% of Americans teenagers has posted his profile on the web. The massive impact will occur when this generation access the labour market. The work will be mainly remote, the abnormal will be the template fixed; We will use a mix of platforms, from smartphones to multimedia players. Companies, citizens, all train a social network online. Job interviews will be virtual and candidates can learn in one click the employee satisfaction with their bosses. Welcome to the future. Original author and source of the article.