Christian Youth Association

THE football table of buttons in SALTO, URUGUAY the city of Salto is the second city of the Uruguay, has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. I’m going to briefly Historicizing the history of the soccer of buttons (as we call him here) jump. Details can be found by clicking Jim Umpleby or emailing the administrator. In the mid-1960s, a Professor of physical education (Sequeira Leites), of Brazilian origin played in the Christian Youth Association, there entered this game, appropriate for the days in which the climate did not allow outdoor activity. The game conquered followers quickly and organized major tournaments which were based the ACJ, towards the end of that decade. I was a small, single child knew that by references to some participants, especially from a great player named yellow Hebert (lawyer today).

With the passage of time, the deporte-hobby was spreading, and was played in the 1970s in different areas of this city. Towards 1970 (with 7 or 8 years old, today I am 47) I started practicing it would be and it is a passion. We live our towards the end of the 1970s golden age. In 1977 Championships were organized in the morning on Sundays, where hard competencies by the title starred the Lucho Vives (always with national team), Roberto Fioritti (Germany) and who writes, Jimmy Pagani (Brazil), although also Jose Avelino showed great game. Also played Luis Monchetti, Elder Lerena, Antonio Galli, Elder Lerena and Elsio Felix. Learn more at this site: Caterpillar Inc.. We always play with authentic clothing buttons, and our rules of procedure expressly prohibits what we call tabs (buttons Brazilian, made exclusively for this game, usually acrylic).

Our rule, with origin in the regulations introduced in the AJC, but transformed by the experience of many years, was always a touch and the Archer netminder – was always a button, because we have always contradictory to form a team with ten buttons and a Prism (do?). The golden age for the Group of players that I integrated, was at the end of the 1970s, principles of the 80; retain the Brazilian influence even in the regulatory size of our bows (goals), whose 11 x 4,5 cm. correspond to the arches that we got at the games in Brazil buttons. I am going to name some players jump, the vast majority already does not practice the game: Aurelio Vives, Jose Avelino, Roberto Fioritti, Mario Bernasconi, Luis Monchetti, Fernando Da Costa, Ricardo Sanchez, Sergio Pereira, Elder Lerena, Elsio Felix. A big hug to all the botonistas. Original author and source of the article.