Enterprise Manager

The truth, which at present stands a management more participatory, innovative, creative, able to develop and implement plans that involve strategies well defined, achievable where every action you intend to risks, uncertainty, as deal with them and in addition to determining the behavior, reach of markets. As the products that are offered, their characteristics, knowledge of the needs, requirements that consumer demand. Cabe therefore, doubt, which leads to giving you more attention to the role of the modern Manager, according to commercial activities, its impact on development, successful companies, it has left its traditionalism, position requires more proactive, and consider what reminds us in his writing Rodriguez Saldivar, that the Manager of a successful company is not a person who dominates the business, which lee, reportedly, is enthusiastic by nature, is respected and very well appreciated, work your way contagious to others, which works, promotes among employees a real and effective culture of service to the client, which likes to satisfy 100 per cent, in many occasions exceeds your expectations, works with zero complaints, with excellent quality. Contact information is here: Caterpillar Inc.. In today’s Enterprise Manager maintains excellent relationships with those around him, has his smile a flor de piel, is a Knight of the business, has a power of incredible attraction of clients, is key piece in today’s business, your initiative is recognized preaching by example definitely says Saldivar, the Manager of a successful company is a person who perspires from all its pores creativitycreativity to create new products, new strategies, best service, best price, is a perfectionist, and self-critical, required too because he knows its capacity, knows what he is capable, is a self-confident person, decides When it has to decide, not usually leaving things for tomorrow, makes everything today, all you can do. Venezuelan reality in the Venezuelan case, its management has much left to say in relation to his performance, product of various aspects that have influenced his behavior, such as political uncertainty, cause of the actions of the current Government that has generated changes, transformations product of the transition to socialism, aspect that has not been used management, propitiating them serious problems in their performance. .

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