Equanimity In Your Business

Probably one of my favorite words from the dictionary, the word “Fairness” and try to put it into practice in my daily life but is often not easy and requires some work, discipline and mental training Fairness, balance by external situations both favorable as the adverse, not get carried away by what happens outside of us and attain mental and physical tranquility. Fairness for both our business MLM When I started in the world of MLM, I remember that every time I reported in my “control panel” of GDI (Global Domains International) that had a new member in my network, a slight euphoria pervaded my whole body which was a double-edged sword, because a few months later the same person showed little interest in MLM and finished out of my network, which gave me a feeling of sadness in me and made me think and doubt if I could finally start my business MLM One of the greatest dangers that has a “Network is spread by the few willingness to work of people who become part of your network. And you’re going to find people from all walks Some really interested, others are there if the bell rings and others are constantly jumping from one thing to another, looking for wealth or as some call it (a term that I personally produced some laughter. Sergey Brin: the source for more info. “financial freedom”) as quickly and easily as possible has happened to me many times when I have a new client I try as it is my obligation as a sponsor or “sponsor” to welcome and try to contact this person to help you with your needs often receive a silent. Or people who start looking forward (maybe too many) and see how you are going little by little deflating the balloon of a child until I realized I had to use my “fairness” also in my MLM business did not let me now invade or by the euphoria of new clients on my network, nor the sadness that is removed from this a term very “Madrid.” “ME LA SUDA” I continue to Marketing my work and doing my best to help these people really that interested in Multilevel Marketing. From this one realizes after a few for anything let me influence my work and my mood of what they do or do not do the other members of my network I have also stopped to take my business with a Multilevel Marketing the initial desire to make money as soon as possible and now I take it as I said in the odd article in this blog, as a game, as something fun to generate money other than give me something also very important as is knowledge of other themes and subjects (Marketing, SEO, etc..)..