Internet Contract

In what publications to advertise the vacancy? Should I use more than the usual number of paid services on the Internet and resources? Should we encourage and pay for overtime work on a recruiter's jobs? How much financial costs will ensure the best outcome? (Given the lack of payment and the presence of a staffing agency, like any other commercial company the cost of rent, employees, taxes, advertising, money communications, office equipment, etc.) All these questions are not if the work is a vacancy for an exclusive contract with a recruitment agency. The agency uses an exclusive way of searching for his many, without a hitch existing information channels. The completeness and breadth of advertising, plus additional interest from recruiters ensure the effectiveness of the work on the vacancy and, ultimately, the success of the transaction. Such time and cost are possible only if the company is confident that you will cooperate with her. 5. Savings in costs for personnel selection We offer guaranteed discounts for companies wishing to work on exclusive contract with our agency.

Signed an exclusive contract – and the staffing agency will spend money and time for selecting the best employees for your vacancies. 6. Ability to work with highly Specialist recruitment of the professional qualifications of the personnel in our agency are correct and tact. Therefore, if the Company waives the exclusive contract, then we will never You impose this form of work. However, we must understand that the priority for our agency is just working on exclusive contracts, which confirms the seriousness of the client. When submitting an application in several agencies, the customer, thus creating a situation, known as "Greyhounds", involving several performers in it, none of whom has a guarantee that it costs to work on the vacancy will be repaid, the the most encouraging of all the desire to beat the competition, which often leads to degraded performance.

Without signing an exclusive contract, you do put yourself at a disadvantage compared to those who have chosen this form work. Of course, this does not mean that the manager of our staffing agency will not work on your job with due diligence! Just a job may take longer. But the decision is yours. Expediency, efficiency, gain recognition and customer service supported by exclusive practices. The percentage of successfully completed orders for recruitment than on the impact of realized orders standard contract services, and by the time the selection process for them much faster. This is the most eloquent argument in favor of an exclusive service for recruitment!

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