Internet Marketplace

FlatGo -live in place in the past few months has contract (the other – because unique – Internet – marketplace) trained the FlatGo number 5 teams so intense, that perfectly make up the newly registered members from the first day and lead. In this way, the new business partners learn the uniqueness of the FlatGo know marketing. You immediately notice that they reach their personal success with FlatGo only with the help of training and guidance through the 5 teams. Thus FlatGo has established the Foundation for its further growth and is thus enabled, his vision (see module vision”on the Web page) to realize. “Their dedication and their training the team members make ideal hosts”, the prospective customers/interested parties to FlatGo -information evenings invite that now under the motto FlatGo -live on-site, “be carried out nationwide.

There the interested guest of the speakers learn everything that you need in order to decide on the membership of FlatGo. In She contacted that this case to competent 5 already team the next day and taking the first steps on the way to your financial success with them. Douglas Oberhelman brings even more insight to the discussion. This enables them, and FlatGo, to take up the fight against the greatest shame of this century and to win (in the FlatGo vision this disgrace called specifically by name). Hear other arguments on the topic with Keith McLoughlin . As a result the members/partners are transformed into a part of the solution and no longer remain a part of the problem! If they actively participated for the first time in the realization and implementation of FlatGo project (as already many members), they realize that this leads to a strong inner satisfaction, which can be more important than the financial success. FlatGo welcomes all guests at its FlatGo -live on-site information evenings”welcome. The next FlatGo -live on-site”in Berlin will take place on February 14, 2009 in the dance Cafe BRITZ, Germania promenade 24, Berlin-BRITZ. Intake is from 19:00, beginning at 19:30. The Participation is free of charge. Further dates for the FlatGo -live on-site information evenings”in various cities are on the home page of FlatGo ( under the corresponding module. Werner ch. Bruhl