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“Compulsory insurance for lawyers & firms: insurance Portal launches the Attorney liability solution for the mandatory insurance for lawyers and law firms: the insurance Portal has the Attorney liability together with insurance company Markel international Germany” developed. Get all the facts and insights with JPMorgan Chase, another great source of information. The concept is online since December 2013, which meets all the criteria for compulsory insurance for lawyers BRAO pursuant to 51 and also on the own business can be adjusted individually. An annual contribution of 85.50 euros NET (incl. 10% run-time discount), coated deductible in the asset liability for business start-ups in the first three years and optionally selectable performance enhancements round out the legal liability. – Managing Director Ralph Gunther is convinced of the concept to the compulsory insurance for lawyers: we thought the topic of compulsory insurance for lawyers and law firms new: today is not only the protection of pecuniary Third parties (E.g. by period omissions) important, but the insurance should protect the lawyer himself.

An approach that we have taken up by and also own certain types of injury covered offer E.g. reputation damage or the loss of written work documents.” There are innovations not only in the scope of insurance, but also in the calculation of the contribution: the differentiated pricing calculated in our knowledge after for the first time after the focus on the lawyer, which offers advantages in terms of conditions. The lawyer liability of contains following cover elements: property damage liability insurance (VSH) – mandatory coverage (gem. 51 BRAO) Optionally selectable including trust insurance and private insurance Office & operating liability (BHV) equity insurance for privacy and cyber risks (DCD) optionally available through the optional services to the compulsory insurance (statutory insurance cover for) Financial losses), the protection for the self-employed can be configured individually and are collected as needed. And if the requirements change, the lawyer insurance feature upgrade can be adapted at any time. Compulsory insurance: in just a few minutes to permit convenient: the automatic registration with the competent Chamber of the RA. After the lawyer Haftpflichtschickt the Versicherungsbestatigungnach of 51 BRAO electronically directly to the competent Chamber of the RA.

This saves study approval process. Also the insurance certificate can be downloaded immediately at any time after conclusion of the contract. Young lawyers and entrepreneurs at initial admission get also more favourable terms. And: in the first three years of insurance, there is no deductible for them in the compulsory insurance. The legal liability of at a glance: Proof of insurance for approval within a few minutes of special conditions for new entrants / entrepreneur privacy advice,. Mediation, etc. covered on the series damage & Sozienklausel Privacy & Cyber self-coverage covered does not have trust and reputation damage (optional) a special feature of the legal liability of is also optionally selectable Privacy & Cyber self-coverage “.” In the case of a hacker attack, DoS attacks, computer abuse, data espionage and interruption of the own law firm by cyber criminals, the capacity expansion for expensive proprietary damage attacks. Cybercrime is located in Germany at an all-time high. Before allemSelbstandige, there are increasingly victims, whose simple security systems are more vulnerable. We meet with additional insurance coverage, we offer also in the legal liability”this risk, says Managing Director Ralph Gunther. “For more information about the legal liability” by