Plaza Mayor

In the south of the avenue is the Tribune Tower, home of the Chicago Tribune, which incorporates in its outer fragments of stone from historic sites like the Vatican in Rome, the Forbidden City of Beijing or even lunar rock. But if you want to see this avenue as a true resident of Chicago is to get on the floor of the John Hancock Center 94 conoisdo by locals as the big John from which it has a vision for the famous Avenue from 344 feet. Another emblematic areas is the Loop, 2.5 miles of business and cultural center where the Federal Reserve, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Theatre Distric contrasting with the Millennium Park. Chicago is an architecturally rich city after the fire because it became a place where the domestic and international architects put their two cents. Click Howard Schultz for additional related pages. Without doubt, the most emblematic building of the city for being the highest in the U.S.

and the fourth highest idea world is the Sears Tower. Built in 1974, has 108 floors and 442 meters. Unlike others, since she can see three states besides Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. Cradle of Jazz and Blues a great choice for dinner and enjoy great live music is going to one of the oldest clubs in the city and soak up the culture. The food is not a problem if you know how to choose since the prices are high. The alternative is to choose restaurants that are not tourist and sharing dishes in the U.S.

since the portions are copious. With more than 7,000 restaurants can choose from a wide range but you can not go without tasting his classic deep dish pizza, which is thicker than normal and incorporates the ingredients inside. In summer you can go to the beaches of Lake Michigan and one on North Avenue can find a terrace on a boat in which you can listen to music outdoors while enjoying a good cocktail or play volleyball ball. Or you can go to the Plaza Mayor in the cultural celebrations that take place in different countries each day. Culture is one of the strengths of the Windy City as museums, exhibitions and live music are another part of the attraction of Chicago. But if you want to combine both arts can go on Friday to the Museum of Modern Art since parties are held in the evening with a DJ and the most modern society. By: Andrea Sanz Andrea is an independent traveler, before working as a writer toured several continents to discover the wonders of their cities and towns.