Polish And Sealer Protect And Maintain The Car Paint

The car Lackiererei Bischoff GmbH informed beautiful and eye-catching liveries undoubtedly enhance a vehicle, but also expensive. It is all the more important that you still maintains these after a professional painting, so that one has long pleasure from it. The paint is exposed to daily external factors such as falling rocks, flying dirt, rain and road salt. Without regular care, this is not up to the challenges, will quickly dull and damaged. The auto paint shop Bischoff from Dusseldorf explains how to protect your paint with proper care.

Prior to polishing at the beginning of each correct Polish, thorough cleaning of the vehicle is basic cleaning. Otherwise, dirt, such as sand, dust or other particles in the process can cause scratches. This do more harm the paint than use. Applying the Polish there are numerous products for polishing in the trade. Learn more on the subject from Jim Umpleby. The choice of Polish should follow the paint condition of the vehicle.

Best you can consult in detail in specialist shops. Now is the Polish polishing using a soft sponge or cloth evenly on the paint applied. As soon as the Polish has dried, you can start polishing with the. With a soft cloth or an orbital Sander, the areas liberated from the Polish and are they thereby at the same time incorporated into the paint. Sealing for protection to make the paint still resilient and as far as possible to protect against environmental influences is a paint sealant. This will make sure that rain water better rolls off and sit out insects and dirt of than on the paint. For detailed information about the paint care the paintwork Bischoff from Dusseldorf is available at any time. Press contact car Lackiererei Bischoff GmbH contact: Cornelia Monteiro Zurida gene b 15 40549 Dusseldorf Tel.: 02 11 / 50 20 70 fax: 02 11 / 50 20 29 E-Mail: Homepage: