The Consumer And His Ego

The consumer like person who is, constantly is put under stimuli that feed their ego, originating to him the satisfaction in many opportunities of artificial needs and entailing it to a nonauthentic behavior, of here the importance of this analysis. In relation to the ego he has been written widely under the psychological perception through different currents, nevertheless, deserves to focus them under another vision, the one of the meditation and reflection that is born from the internal sine of the being who does not require substitute. He has insisted themselves on indicating, that the ego, is not substantial, nevertheless, cannot live without the sensation on I, that has been created on the basis of the interrelations with its surroundings. Jonas Samuelson oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore, the connoisseurs of the internal implosion, those that have reflected from their sine, those that they have experimented and surprised within the sorceries and magic of I, are conscious that it is necessary to avoid his dominion, imprisonment, agreement, to know the potentiality the BEING, because of another form is always lived with the ego, the Being who one same one originates product of a mental creation and as the teacher Zen Bhagwan Sheree comments, who stops everything what is false must create supports: the then exhibition supports to you In other terms, is insisted on standing out, that the ego depends than people it says of one: the ego feels or if people feel or with same you; if one feels bad, the ego feels bad. If they do not pay any attention to him, the supports retire; If many people pay attention to you; they feed your ego. Of here, that the advertising campaigns are constantly feeding it, until the end of pluralizar many yoes that of not recognizing them and handling originate them conflicts, until often getting to assassinate by a mark of a shoe, shirt, radio or by a certain style, as frequently one occurs in the national territory.

To all the previous one it is added, the evidence of a television that presents/displays loaded programs of violence, hatred, sex, artificial stimuli, that have taken step to a negative social behavior in our means. It is for that reason, that the familiar sine with their respective authorities must watch what their children and of the effects learn that are originated in the children who are accumulating an ego, one that allows him and obtains that they pay attention to him, put considers that is deserved it. The publicists know that the attention is food for the ego, of here, that the Zen and the philosophies that are pronounced in the knowledge of itself, are convinced that a person that the Being has reached only leaves that necessity. When you manage to reach your center, the yours own one, you do not need attention the others. Of course, with this instropeccin of the ego and the consumer, simply it has been tried to provide restlessness that oriented positively within the social conception of the marketing research, can contribute to a good education, honest participation and with ethics by whom they exert the publicity and they sell his products that manage to satisfy real needs with the consumer, according to the knowledge of the being