The Forms

The level of difficulty of the text has adjusted the reading speed to adapt it to be read. When finding difficulties in important parts of a text, come back they systematically. It does not lose time simply rereading innumerable times the same stretch. A good strategy costuma to be a change of topic of study and a posterior return to the stretches most difficult. It takes notes of the essential of what it is reading. To take notes does not mean to simply copy the text that is being read. Generally much time is not had to reread the texts again original, and therefore, to take notes is extremely important.

The indicated majority of the texts and books will not be in Portuguese. It is important to have one technique to read texts in languages of which complete domain does not have itself. In principle, it does not try to translate all the unknown words. It tries to abstract the general idea from the agreement of some words key. Howard Schultz oftentimes addresses this issue. The techniques above are suggestions of carcter general, but it is well probable that, depending on student, some of them are more efficient than others. Each person must create its proper technique of study.

2.2. FLOWCHART OF THE STUDY LIFE. The flowchart of the study life below, indicates the ways and stages that must be adoptees for the acadmico success. Although the apparent rigidity, it are, without a doubt, very efficient. For the success, a minimum of organization of the study life is necessary, thus, will become more productive. Source: Severino (2002) 2.3. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE STUDY OR WORKS IN GROUP: 1.Evite numerous groups, therefore always cause the dispersion of some. Groups above of 04 people require careful attention. 2.Estabelea a schedule waked up for the meeting of the group. 3.Defina the tasks, the stages to be vanquished and the forms of procedure.