Alliance Venezuela And Russia

I think in the future, never comes quickly. Ben Horowitz gathered all the information. EINSTEIN Venezuela has been more integrated in recent years with Russia, where really this last country is favoured with the purchase of armament military aircraft made by the Government of President Hugo Chavez. Between 2005 and 2007 Caracas signed arms contracts worth $ 4.4 billion to acquire aircraft to Russia Sukhoi fighters, combat helicopters and Kalashnikov assault rifles. As it is known and thus., has stated it during the trajectory in the implementation of policies of foreign trade by previous Venezuelan governments, Russia never formed part of them in any environment, much less in strategic plans for cooperation and development of projects that are well worth to say, not ceased to be vital for Venezuela. This was one of the many national weaknesses by which country you towards lack the international political dynamism that today whether it has when it comes to international trade.

The current situation noted that Venezuela already has several agreements with Russia, that if well used, would be obtaining many benefits for the nation. Ruso-venezolanas relationships are developed with a special dynamic since 2004 after signing a series of bilateral documents related to economic cooperation, to get a vision macro of the magnitude involving Venezuela in its alliance with Russia, the statements of one of the Russian ministers for Foreign Affairs Alexander Yakovenko said the following after asked: What characterizes the relations of Russia with Venezuela? And this answer: Venezuela is an influential Latin American State that enjoys high prestige in the developing world and in the club of world oil powers. That country is a partner of Russia in the region. Recently Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sealed a multi-billion dollar oil agreement with the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, during his first visit to Caracas where the also discussed about the possibility of Venezuela is launched to the space race.