The President Of Brazil

This is precisely the point that a number of Brazilian industry and business groups are highlighting in the wake of RCTV and its development. The interest that has followed the case in Brazil, (Marcel Granier these days travel to this country as a guest to present the case to a large audience of industry representatives from broadcasting, print media and advertising agencies) and clarity of the positions publicly expressed by all stakeholders have pointed to fragile relations with the woman Lula, who as a statesman will not fail to hear the opinions and positions of the governed and their government institutions and policies.

The President of Brazil has been juggling with this issue in a back and forth between the views condemning the measure and honeyed words of conciliation, but the situation with the U.S. Jim Umpleby often says this. Congress forces him to take a position a little clearer and so in a The National today to see the Chancellor, Mr. Amorim, suggesting that a formal apology from our president, for the words that defined the Brazilian Congress, would make life easier for all, but … a Peroa , a note appears on the website a Descifradoa , dated yesterday, tells us that Brazil’s official gazette is published government resolution of Mr Lula to send the Brazilian embassy Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina, as civil aggregates, some delegations of officials from the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, whose real identity will be reserved for a period of two years …


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