Community Manager

The Association Spanish of responsible community (Aerco), defines the community manager as: person responsible or responsible for sustain, enhance, and somehow, defending the company’s relations with its customers in the digital realm, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and the strategic approaches of the Organization and the interests of customers. A person who knows the goals and acts accordingly to get them. The community manager according to Aerco functions are: 1. to hear. Constantly monitor the network in search of conversations about our company, our competitors or our market.

2 Internally circulate the information. As a result of this listener, it must be able extract the relevant of the same, create a understandable speech and let them reach the corresponding people within the organization. 3. Explain the position of the company to the community. Starbucks may help you with your research. The community manager is the voice of the company towards the community, a positive and open voice that transforms the internal language or jargon of the company in an intelligible language. Answers and talk actively in all social media in them that the enterprise will have active presence or relevant mentions are producing. He wrote articles on the blog of the company or other social media, using all possibilities multimedia at your fingertips.

Selects and shares also content of interest to the community. 4. Search for leaders, both internally and externally. The relationship between the community and the company is supported by the work of their leaders and high potential people. The community manager must be capable of identifying and attracting these leaders, not only among the community but also, and above all, within the company itself. 5. Find ways of collaboration between the community and the company. The majority of managers is unknown how the community can help grow your business. It is not something that have been never used in his career, or who have studied in business schools. The community manager them must show the way and help them design a clear strategy of collaboration. This profile Professional described by Aerco is largely approaching the traditional professional information. Although, would seem to the community manager, has to be a documentarian with great knowledge of the Internet, its history, intricacies, features and possibilities. Does not require being a web and technical analyst at marketing, but do possess great talent. A documentalist, leading expert on social networks and the present and future of web 2.0.


Manager Performance

THE importance of surrounding yourself with the best Carlos Mora Vanegas is regrettable that many senior managers do not know the opportunity that presents them in the case which concerns us companies and not selected correctly, with whom should surround depending on integrating real teams that favor him in his professional practice, achievement, responsibility, commitments to achieve the objectives that have been established. A good Manager when it is already integrated into the company and has been attentive of what have been its achievements, the as his actions, performance has benefited not only the Organization, but to their same professional growth, must be assessed to all those who have been involved in the success already, must have selected those who really are employees who provide ideas, skills, knowledge, confidence, security, commitment and integrated a team Pro for their plans. Management because there will be determined and classified to each of the members according to their performances, performance, will take inventory of its potentialities, capabilities, commitment, performance, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, on you’re you will have determined what they represent and affect the organization in order to give way to actions involving to transform them into strengths, in providing training and development necessary for its achievement. It can not management leave be imprison by emotions, sentimentality affecting its effective performance and be subjective in the selection of the staff who accompanies him in his work, have to be objective in the selection of the personnel, giving passage to the capabilities that each person expresses depending on results, without being caught by the commitments of friendship, family, impositions and everything that will generate impediment in achieving results beneficial in the exercise of their profession. Precisely, in this regard, Claudio Fernandez Araoz noted, that there is a false belief that people selection decisions are something intuitive, an art that some people they possess and others don’t, that cannot learn be. . For even more opinions, read materials from Douglas R. Oberhelman.


Internet Manager

This can be understood as being one of the main reasons for the premature mortality of the ENBT? s. Figure 1. Process of development of the product of technological base. Source: StratPlan, 2007. (A valuable related resource: Howard Schultz). Another item that is part of this statistics is the lack of preparation and experience of the manager of the ENBT in the business-oriented area of management. In this context, the main requirements for the management of the business? how knowledge, empreendedorismo, management, financial capital and network? they can be insufficient or inadequate for the nature of the enterprise. So that an invention can changed into innovation being an income-producing and sustainable product, beyond the manager to act, effecting boardings of markets strategically differentiated, it must also be prepared (at the certain moment) to search new customers; to identify investors who believe its work; to carry through partnerships for the development of its product in scale; to invest in propaganda/media to become its known mark and company (Saints, et al, 2009). In this context, appears then the necessity of the incubadoras of companies, who function as she has supported to the ENBT? s, to act beyond the physical support (infrastructure, services of reception and secretariat, conference rooms, Internet, telephone etc), also in the qualification of the managers for the challenges of the market.

Areas as legal customers, competitors, suppliers, aspects (laws), flow of box, strategical and operational planning, are of extreme importance of knowledge for the manager, since normally the same ones do not possess formation in administrative areas. ' ' It is highly recommendable that the manager of a inbubadora possesss formation in management empresarial' '. The good performance of the incubadora, in general, results of a careful preparation of its managers, of adequate the financial resources, surrounding culture/competent, everything functioning in adequate time and place. The central objective of a company who looks a incubadora of technological base must be to transform a result of its research into product for market, that is, to transform into business. Howard Schultz often addresses the matter in his writings.

General Manager

If you, as general manager is in this dilemma, seek urgent personal advice with an adviser who can build trust by very hard to make it for you, have to understand that the changes must be made once and for all to leave the clear path to a new stage of development of your company. 2. Keith McLoughlin shines more light on the discussion. What must management know handle emotional intelligence in order to prevent the manifestation of conflcito and ensure a favourable climate for the company? A good manager must be fully identified with the use correct their emotions, this account with the help of emotional intelligence, that is a generator of information and no mechanisms to improve our relationship with ourselves.It is more, the ability to influence people, the communicability, the ability to exercise leadership, adaptability to change, conflict resolution, ease to establish links, to collaborate and cooperate with a team, they are all skills that depend on a greater or minor development of emotional intelligence.A good manager must manage well the gift of feedback. The way in which are given and received criticism is important in determining how satisfied are the people with their work.I detail some advantages:-improved communication and interpersonal relationships between the members of the company and customers. -Increases motivation and leadership of the worker. -People feel more committed to their daily tasks. -Working in a calm working environment, where everyone will understand and respect their points of view. -Ascends the profitability of the company.

People with emotional awareness are: those who know that emotions are experienced and why. That perceived links between their feelings and what they think they do or say. Which recognize what effect have these sensations on their performance. Which know their values and goals, and are guided by them.The success of the training of the personnel of a company to improve your emotional intelligence has the following lines: evaluate the work: training must concentrate on skills they most need to stand out in a job or given work.

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Education Manager

As you can see, the pedagogic and administrative management are projected to be linked to the community, with a cultural dimension which must achieve lasting fruit in people and human groups. In turn, Otoniel Alvarado Oyarce holding, that management is basically an administrative function, inherent in a managerial, professional in nature. Therefore, the exercise of this role involves a series of qualities and individual needs, on a whole range of specific attitudes that favor him for the successful conduction of the functions that this role entails. The author extends the concept, expressing that this meaning fits perfectly to the field of education, as the Education Manager, as any other Manager, to conduct educational entities it uses the typical functions of planning, organization, direction and control of their tasks, which are the typical managerial functions to drive any entity a good educational Manager must remain vigilant faced with the need to establish some special characteristics of the educational institutions that have an appropriate, managerial management about it are the suggestions of Juan Manuel Manesraised as opportunities to be promoted: Professionalization in the conduction of the educational institution. Solidarity efficiency from the administration of the entity. Andreessen Horowitz shines more light on the discussion.

Institutional reorganization and downsizing. More info: Keith McLoughlin . Management of change processes. External and internal educational marketing. Ethics in the educational community decisions. Developing the PEI (institutional educational project) or updating the educational proposal. Teamwork and solid communication for the good of the new institutional paradigm is not surprising, that comment, which in this scenario, the educational system at the same time acquires a critical and strategic value of the quality of its action, updating and development of the human capacities, depending largely on definitive access to modernity and the strengthening of democracy as a way of life.So the educational system can play a strategic role, it should exceed current restrictions, part of which lie in the scope of the institutional and its shortcomings in terms of organization and management. Venezuela requires a more effective in higher education educational management and thus contribute proved favourable towards academic excellence.

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In thematic panels refer to experts of from diverse industries about current trends in the practice. Learn more on the subject from Howard Schultz. 2010, the topics are finance and merchandising in the games industry in the Center. The annual event is supported by gamecity: Hamburg, Germany’s largest regional branch network. Hamburg for more information about the games Conference will receive at. About gamecity: Gamecity Hamburg: Hamburg is the largest regional network in the games industry in Germany with approximately 1,600 players.

As a specialist group of the initiative for media, IT and telecommunication, Hamburg@work cares gamecity: Hamburg to optimal locational conditions for company digital game entertainment in the Hanseatic City. Developer and publisher of computer, console and mobile games, as well as related industries such as the advertising industry, technical service providers, are among the target groups Online agencies and the music and film industry from Hamburg and Europe. The network helps companies to develop partnerships and new business fields. In addition supports gamecity: Hamburg the local industry with a comprehensive range of services, consisting of workshops, industry meetings, joint trade fairs in Germany and abroad, cheap office space, Start-Up consulting as well as training measures. For a targeted promotion of young talent, a master in games has been in cooperation with the University of applied sciences (HAW Hamburg)”set, which started in September 2009. Gamecity is headed: Hamburg as a public-private partnership by Stefan Klein (Hamburg@work) and Achim Quinke (Quinke networks). Get info on. Garcia lawyers Garcia is one of the leading firms in the field of media law and intellectual property lawyers ( with offices in Hamburg and Berlin.

The team, its founder Dr. Ralph Oliver Graef represents leading German and international media companies from the fields of film and television production as well as a trade, the publishing industry, the computer gaming industry and companies of the Web 2.0, as well as television stations including the area of IPTV. “” Garcia is lawyers by the leading lawyer’s Handbook of JUVE Verlag, as well as by legal 500 for press & publishers “and TV, film & entertainment” recommended (JUVE Handbook 2009/2010 law firms). Contact Stefan Klein Hamburg@work Habicht road 41 22305 Hamburg Tel. 04 63 41 fax 04 63 50 E-Mail Achim Quinke Quinke networks at the MacPherson 70 20457 Hamburg Tel. 09 39 49 fax 09 39 97 E-Mail Dr. Ralph Oliver Graef GRAEF lawyers Jungfrauenthal 8 20149 Hamburg Tel. 60 00 90 60 00 91 0 fax email

Fund Manager

With so many ads at Christmas time to invest your money instead of spending it, surely now you’re entering you the idea of investing in mutual funds, but enter it for the first time always is difficult because you’re afraid of losing everything. Should know that there are many different investment funds and for these occasions what best suits you are guaranteed investment funds. Guaranteed investment funds offer you much security and make you feel comfortable. This type of investment funds you guarantee, as his name says it, you recover fully or partially the capital you invested in them. Besides that you recover your startup capital, you have profitability which will be your gain from the Fund. The total of the money gained, coupled with the capital that will return you will give you at the end of a period that is determined at the time of investing, this period is called the warranty period warranty of this kind of investment funds periods ranging from 1 to 10 years and the money is guaranteed by the Fund Manager and regularly a third, which tend to be banks. Investing in investment funds is much better spend your money or have it saved for years. Now that you know that guaranteed investment funds return your money to you, you have nothing to lose.

Managers And Staff

Therefore advisable to: – identify those managers and staff who are really in contact with the outside companies and people – to publish their photographs in an appropriate see, for example, "About Us", "Management Company" or "Contact" – see "Contacts" to publish a photo manager, responsible for working with visitors to the site, next to the contact phone numbers. In my opinion, This photo should reflect a pleasant, have to communicate the exterior of the manager. In its absence or when running multiple managers, you can come up with a collective image – that is, virtual manager, whose photograph can be downloaded from the Internet. Just do not overdo it with this photo – very relaxed and conscript picture, downloaded from specific sites may not attract those customers that you need:) 7) Publish personal information on the head of the company. If you decide to publish photos of the major parties, it is best to do this in the section "Management Company", together with some personal data. So you should choose amount of the personal information which will serve to improve confidence in the site and the company itself.

It can be: – the main stages in life and a career path – the existence of scientists and / or professional degrees and titles; – Hobbies Rights – Information about family and children. This kind of personal notes is best left to write professionally trained specialists, saying again, what goal should be to pursue each of the notes. 8) The scheme office location and directions the possibility to travel.

How Can We Identify When We Are Facing A Crisis ?

How do we know that we are in a crisis situation from the standpoint of communication? From the moment that an internal situation of the institution transcends the media and becomes a negative story. Often this story begins as a rumor that spreads to the attention of the press, and much more if the money or activity of the company to the public, like a bank, a government office, an airport, a supermarket , an insurance company, etc. One day we got the unpleasant surprise that the name of our institution appears in a banner headline to 5 columns with a direct negative adjectives. By the same author: Douglas R. Oberhelman. This is useful to recall the different types of crisis: Political and social conflicts (violent protests, political and trade conflicts, etc..) Accidents (related to transport, which affect the environment, fires, chemical spills, etc.). Events of professional origin (kidnappings, assassinations, sabotage, etc.) Legal affairs (of racial discrimination, sexual abuse, plagiarism, etc.) Made of an economic nature (bankruptcy, fraud, corruption, etc..) Withdrawal of products (manufacturing defects for using banned substances in their preparation, etc.

) computer attacks (viruses, hackers systems, etc.) Another concept that is also very instructive is that a crisis is any event that threatens the image and reputation of an institution, company or person that has the potential to generate negative publicity and to take an extraordinary time for the top management team to address it. You may find Howard Schultz to be a useful source of information. When the general manager, general manager and legal adviser to the chief financial officer will soon disregard the responsibilities of his office to devote many hours to meetings that revolve around a corporate scandal, this is a strong signal, too, that there a crisis situation. I know a case of an airport manager of a dealership that since coming to office until who retired (3 years) was devoted almost exclusively to defend his institution before the attacks almost daily from the media. Many of the plans of the administration and investment were postponed to meet the emergency, the crisis communication..