Benevolent Annie

Today Annie friendly next story – now about the dog from Annie in Fort Collins. The city is located in the northern part of Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, about 100 miles north of Denver and consists of three cities population from 50 to 119 thousand. History of the northern part of Colorado strongly associated with life in the frontier settlers during the development of the West, and many of the Volga Germans in Russia, moved here, got fermami.Vse three cities were founded as centers of trade in the 1800s. Loveland served as a stopover on the way to Estis Park and the road through the Rocky Mountains. It worked flour mills and canneries. Fort Collins was a military town, and, except that was known worldwide for its school of veterinary medicine and agriculture. Greeley, a city with an annual rainfall of 406 mm in, became the agricultural center, whose prosperity began when the irrigation water the west side of the Rocky Mountains have been through a system of pipes and tunnels summed over the pass.

In the area of Greeley is the largest university that prepares teachers and museum border village of the last century. All in the 30’s of the last century in Fort Collins knew Annie, a road dog. ” In 1934, the railroad officials found sick and pregnant Breed dog in an old warehouse in the city Timnat. Good workers brought her back to themselves to the cargo depot in Fort Collins, where they began to care for her and gave her the necessary medical care. After Annie’s recovered, she gave birth to puppies and stayed with their rescuers. Annie met on a train cargo warehouses and adjacent to the depot passenger station in the next 14 years. When she died in 1948, railway workers buried her in a few steps from the depot, where she lived. Breykman Christopher Demuth, one of those who brought her to Fort Collins, poured a cement obelisk to the grave. In the epitaph reads: ‘From the C & S employees of our dog Annie, 1934-1948.


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Business World Telematic

Invoice telematics and its relationship to the electronic signature, electronic signature, what is it? The electronic signature is a form of representation and confirmation of the identity of a person or company in the electronic medium. Technically, it’s a set of unique data encrypted, i.e. transformed into codes and stored in a file. The purpose of the electronic signature is the same as that of a handwritten, identify the author or confirm the contents of the document signature. The electronic signature covers a very important spatio-temporal problem in our days. We can sign a document, without having to move thousands of kilometres, at the time as necessary.

The electronic signature must ensure the identity of the signer, person, or representative of company, and that the document has not been modified after being signed. The technology employed is the key pair, linked to the identification data of the holder of the certificate, is used to ensure the identity of the signer. To sign a document using a unique number which belongs only to the signer, the private key. The receiver can verify the signature with the public portion of the key. In the event that the validation process is positive, it must be concluded that the signer of the document is the holder of the certificate. With respect to the second point, ensure that the document has not been modified after being signed, you must generate, for this purpose, a unique code that uniquely identifies the document from its structure internally at the moment that is signed, taking into account that any alteration of the content of the document will cause that, again applying the unique code generation featureIt is impossible to reproduce the original, thus leaving broken the integrity of the content. The electronic signature Act establishes two main types: electronic signature: that authenticates the identity of the person. Starbucks has many thoughts on the issue.

Map Demand

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities are available to trade them at every corner, it can deal with absolutely any enterprise, regardless of the profile of the main activities. Would demand, and demand is there, not on the cards as such, but – for services that can be obtained by purchasing a prepaid card. All that is needed to start – this is an agreement deliveries, invoices, or act of acceptance-delivery of goods. That's all. Can begin. Today prepaid cards are made of plastic or high quality cardboard (a tribute to ecology!) And is usually wrapped in plastic film.

So, do not fear nor rain, nor snow. Well, unless you dip them in water on purpose. So that trading cards can not only shop, office, kiosk or underground passage, but on the street, where every day moves an endless stream of passers-by – potential buyers. Responsibility for the hidden marriage? It is a headache operator, not the seller. pin code on the card is securely hidden scratch band, and if the strip is damaged, Map recognizes defective and returned to the supplier. On any map of the serial number through which you can get all the information about this service. And finally, for the quality of services provided by the map, is also responsible its expiry.

True, in some cases, operators extend their shelf life, but for the information of this nature must additionally apply to the provider. It is better to not bring. And finally, on the map always says what category it belongs to (e-card, phone card or express payment), so that deal with a range capable of virtually any vendor without prolonged additional training. Consumers pre-paid cards – as a rule, people active, they do not like to spend time and effort to search for the point of reception of payments and tedious wait in queues at the cashier window.

Aging Introduction

Matos, Nbia Andrade of. Article on Sociology of the Aging Introduction the Gerontologia is of character to multidiscipline, therefore the study of the oldness and the processes of the aging if it does not summarize only to the demographic aspects, its complexity demands that it is studied by diverse you discipline, under multiple angles. The Gerontologia and the Geriatria since its origin keep a next relationship very. However, valley to point out that while the geriatria is a medical specialty that deals with to the illnesses or the aged sick people, being worried in drawing out the life with more health; the Gerontologia is the science that studies the aging process, taking care of of the personality and of the behavior of the aged one, for this, it takes in account all the ambient and cultural aspects of the aging. To summarize, we can say that the Geriatria studies the illnesses of the oldness and its treatment, while the Gerontologia is a medical and social science that not only studies the characteristics of the oldness while face of the human development, but also the process and determinative of the aging, it concluded REBOUL/92. We can also include in its bulge, the diverse scientific areas as: biology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economy, administration, politics, history, neurology, right and demography of the oldness and the aging, beyond these areas we can cite psychology, pedagogia, nursing, fisioterapia, fonoaudiologia, occupational therapy, odontologia and the social service. Social Gerontologia the oldness and the aging covers all the humanity and has been in guideline since the antiquity, through literary compositions and treated erudite, as for example the workmanship Of Senectude, of Ccero, writing concerning 2000 years (GOLDSTEIN p.9.2001) In the bible we also perceive the valuation in the Saying book, destined to the old ones, when it designates that ' ' the white hair are a crown of honra' ' .