Daniel Goleman

He says that training in the development of emotional skills also allows to develop the capacity to handle suitable for each action emotions and regulate its manifestation, maintaining emotional balance; transmitting moods to generate attitudes and positive responses; learning to evaluate the emotional cost of situations and actions; developing social skills, forging and managing relations with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.; making a plan of implementation on the ground of our sphere of influence business and labour, extending it to the family and social life. People with well developed emotional skills are more likely to feel satisfied, be effective in his life and dominate the mental habits that favour its own productivity; people who can not put some order into his emotional life fought internal battles that sabotage your ability to concentrate at work and think clearly. Dr. Daniel Goleman. Indeed, the basic emotional structure can be modified by a decision of awareness and practice: neurological circuits involved can be altered or be reinforced by the repetition of certain habits. There opens a unique opportunity to develop emotional intelligence: childhood and adolescence are two critical moments, but at maturity the most people can educate with advantage their emotions. Learning is capable of shaping, ultimately, some important aspects of the individual and collective emotional reality. Definitely, one should be surprised as he has been driving her emotions, since there are already experiences in this regard, already they should have evaluated those that have led to positive and negative results, determining the causes that have generated it, corrected all those that have given way to reactions that we have not favored in our growth, as well as what we have caused to others, we already know what those emotions that well managed, handled us have led to optimize our relationship with whom we act daily in the scenario where we live. (Source: Andreessen Horowitz). ES very valid to remind, that emotions may guide all attitudes of our life towards thoughts and constructive habits, which in absolute form to improve the final results we want to achieve, there is simply no to neglect them and always handle them, not that they should do it.