Doing Marketing

As communicational phenomenon and social construct, it is exciting to be privileged witnesses of the evolution of the internet, and the wide range of activities that are conducted through this medium. And one of the actions that have most changed since its origins is online marketing. It did lack activity faced great difficulties and moments of hard setbacks, as the crisis of the point com in 2002, and the recent world crisis affecting all branches of activity, in some markets much more harshly, so that the activity will find a point of maturity that today seems to have achieved. Gradually, analysts and specialists in the field are understanding that you we need a high degree of professionalism in terms of online marketing. It is not simply make a couple of PPC campaigns. As consumers are turning more intensely to the online channel, is whether undertakings provide professionalised responses, more than agreement with new expectations centered on this advertising channel.

Current trends are headed toward a further customization of the advertising message to an increasingly blurred distinction between traditional online marketing and mobile marketing. A growing number of users accessing the internet from their mobile phones around 16% of Spanish Internet users, a survey <>of 2009 of the National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society. Not only the way of accessing the internet is mutating towards one ever greater customization, but that users are looking for content and sites customized to your particular interests. And the reason for access to the internet has been complicated, because not only by labour or professional is that users access. Leisure and recreation are also powerful reasons for internet access. The search for information on specific topics, and continuing education joined to the list of reasons why users browse.

Consequently, this complex situation, it was necessary that online marketing changed their procedures. Is essential to not only count with a group of professionals trained technically to carry out promotional actions, but also equipped with a precise knowledge of the profiles of consumers that are the target of our products: interests, habits, and up to the way of thinking and the way to deal with problem solving. It is only equipped with this information we can get to develop stronger and more effective online marketing proposals.