ECB Interest

Some in the real estate market has changed since the spring. Magdeburg, 11.09.2013. The time of cheap construction money seems to tend to the end, because of mortgage rate rises again. At the same time, real estate prices also rise. The dream of homeownership is understandable but not always easy to implement. The historic, German interest rates low makes attractive the purchase of real estate. Especially in large cities, home ownership is becoming increasingly expensive, an end to the upward trend is not in sight. Thanks to historically low interest rates for mortgages, buyers were able to finance their real estate so far but at least very cheap.

But since America’s Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted in May that gradually more slowly rotate Peso interest rates go up again, says real estate expert Thomas Filor. The consequences get to feel that finance the own four walls with credit buyers in Germany. In the spring, construction money cost 2.31 percent ten years running average. Since then, the interest rate to 2.76 percent has climbed. Experts appreciate that the price for the construction money will rise until the end of 2014 to 3.0 to 3.5 percent. The mortgage interest rate not on the current level of the bargain be remain forever. But also a rapid increase in first unlikely. “Because the European Central Bank (ECB) has the key interest rate at the record low of 0.5 percent lowered and announced him for a long time on the current culture or a lower level” to keep.

The economic situation in Europe and the statements of the ECB suggest that mortgage lending in Germany are still highly attractive”, confirms Faraman. Besides, he adds: the run on real estate in Germany will remain. More and more Germans to buy an apartment or a House. Real estate as an investment are here in Germany of unbridled popularity.” This was not unfounded, because according to the Stiftung Warentest the chance is big that a real estate acquisition pays off in the long run. Due to the prospective increase in the transaction volume on the real estate market continues to. In the last year this was 36 billion euros and thus to the highest level since 2007. For more information,