Father Professional

In this respect, many professionals comment the error of not focar its specialization in one, two or in the maximum three excellent areas and thus to diminish in very the necessity of as many updates. To search qualification in all the subjects that the countable profession is related will generate frustration for the impossibility of accompaniment and incapacity of being reference in some important subjects to the countable professional of the present time. Despite let us can have a generalista vision of the diverse subjects correlated with the accounting, an accountant does not have the obligation to dominate all they. But he is possible to balance the professional and personal life? He is possible to be successful in both? Per years I have collated the people in the lectures that minister with these questions. Feedback received sample that not rare, the professionals has faced difficulties in this.

For that fully they are focados in the search of the professional success I emphasize that it does not compensate the failure personal. I remember a scene with a customer who passed for serious financial problems and that she always dedicated herself with priority to the company of the family. At this difficult moment of its professional life it decided to travel with the family and when calling one the children it heard: ' ' Father, you me left of side the entire life and now that the company is breaking you want travel together? Now he is tarde' '. The companies, customers, services that we execute and the problems that we have to always decide will pass, but together with this will pass the personal and familiar time and moments, therefore it thinks before losing these irreplaceable moments that never more will be happened again. * Anderson Hernandes is countable, palestrante entrepreneur and writer specialized in countable market.