Fund Manager

With so many ads at Christmas time to invest your money instead of spending it, surely now you’re entering you the idea of investing in mutual funds, but enter it for the first time always is difficult because you’re afraid of losing everything. Should know that there are many different investment funds and for these occasions what best suits you are guaranteed investment funds. Guaranteed investment funds offer you much security and make you feel comfortable. This type of investment funds you guarantee, as his name says it, you recover fully or partially the capital you invested in them. Besides that you recover your startup capital, you have profitability which will be your gain from the Fund. The total of the money gained, coupled with the capital that will return you will give you at the end of a period that is determined at the time of investing, this period is called the warranty period warranty of this kind of investment funds periods ranging from 1 to 10 years and the money is guaranteed by the Fund Manager and regularly a third, which tend to be banks. Investing in investment funds is much better spend your money or have it saved for years. Now that you know that guaranteed investment funds return your money to you, you have nothing to lose.