If You Notice That Your Child Smokes

If you find that your child is addicted to cigarettes, he simply began to smoke. You yourself as an adult, knew about the harmful effects of smoking and that tobacco is the cause of death and many diseases, and that this could happen to your child and you do not want our child had an accident. But before we talk about smoking with your child of, consider the strategy of the entire conversation. The worst thing at this point that you can if you do know that your child has started smoking, it's an outlet for emotions, scream and thereby demoralize the child. This will have the opposite effect on your child, not the one that you want to see. Youngsters are already thinking that parents do not understand it, and if there will be conflict, a teenager just a foothold in this opinion. This does not mean that punishment is not necessary, especially if you have opened in the family that smoking is not acceptable in the house, but if you want your child to quit smoking, should be punished with intelligence and respect. Need to specify to your child about the reasons that push him to quit. It can be difficult to understand for a teenager, that all these terrible consequences of which he had heard about smoking may in fact happen to him. Perhaps you remember the man who, because of smoking became a health problem, tell them about the long-term implications of this bad habit. Remember that teens live in today and it is difficult to think about the future, take on this is the main focus of the conversation. Now, it's cool to smoke, and they can not take care of future risks. It is your responsibility as a parent to convince your children that they should quit for the good of their health.