Internet Manager

This can be understood as being one of the main reasons for the premature mortality of the ENBT? s. Figure 1. Process of development of the product of technological base. Source: StratPlan, 2007. (A valuable related resource: Howard Schultz). Another item that is part of this statistics is the lack of preparation and experience of the manager of the ENBT in the business-oriented area of management. In this context, the main requirements for the management of the business? how knowledge, empreendedorismo, management, financial capital and network? they can be insufficient or inadequate for the nature of the enterprise. So that an invention can changed into innovation being an income-producing and sustainable product, beyond the manager to act, effecting boardings of markets strategically differentiated, it must also be prepared (at the certain moment) to search new customers; to identify investors who believe its work; to carry through partnerships for the development of its product in scale; to invest in propaganda/media to become its known mark and company (Saints, et al, 2009). In this context, appears then the necessity of the incubadoras of companies, who function as she has supported to the ENBT? s, to act beyond the physical support (infrastructure, services of reception and secretariat, conference rooms, Internet, telephone etc), also in the qualification of the managers for the challenges of the market.

Areas as legal customers, competitors, suppliers, aspects (laws), flow of box, strategical and operational planning, are of extreme importance of knowledge for the manager, since normally the same ones do not possess formation in administrative areas. ' ' It is highly recommendable that the manager of a inbubadora possesss formation in management empresarial' '. The good performance of the incubadora, in general, results of a careful preparation of its managers, of adequate the financial resources, surrounding culture/competent, everything functioning in adequate time and place. The central objective of a company who looks a incubadora of technological base must be to transform a result of its research into product for market, that is, to transform into business. Howard Schultz often addresses the matter in his writings.